3 Ways They are Helpful Beyond Killing Time

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Smartphones took the world by storm one decade ago and quickly became the most sought-after and fastest-spreading gadget in human history. One of their most charming features was the wide variety of entertainment options for their users – a feature said users are happy to make use of every single day. Smartphones open up a world of online gaming with Euro Palace, offering simple, casual games for anyone with a taste for its kind of fun. The more than 500,000 downloadable games in various app marketplaces help expand said world even further. Add this to the enormous supply of videos, photos, music, and social media updates consumed by smartphone users each day, and you’ll see why we can consider the smartphone the entertainment device of the century. But smartphones are more than just pocket-sized entertainment centers. They can be accommodating beyond killing time; in many ways, some users might not even know of like the ones below.

Breaking down the language barrier

Smartphones come with built-in translation apps or others downloaded from their respective app marketplaces free of charge. By using the camera of the smartphone, these can translate written text quickly and easily from and to a series of languages. These apps are beneficial when traveling to foreign countries with no multi-lingual signs – by simply pointing your camera at them, you can see their translation in your native tongue on the screen.


Some apps combine voice recognition and translation with acting as a rudimentary universal translator, a lot like the one described in the Star Trek series. While these might not be the perfect solution to conduct a true conversation with a stranger from a different culture, it will likely help you find your way through a foreign city.

Helping you find your way

Speaking of places far away, smartphones can also help you find your way. Apps like Waze offer their users navigation and alert services while driving, helping them reach their destination and avoid speed traps, potholes, and traffic jams. But navigation apps can also help you find your way around when on foot – several apps now offer their users navigation inside buildings like malls, public offices, and others.

More helpful than clerks

When shopping at a supermarket, you can’t always rely on the personnel to tell you more about the product that’s interesting for you. After all, there are so many products and so little time to learn everything about them. But if you turn to the internet using your pocket-sized computer – your smartphone – you can quickly and easily find out everything you need about what you intend to buy. for reviews can help you avoid bad products and buy good ones, saving you time, money, and a lot of stress.

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