Talkspace Moves to Offer you Remote Therapy through an App.

Talkspace Moves to Offer you Remote Therapy through an App.

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Talkspace is a company that specializes in providing health services through the use of modern technology. To improve the customer experience, the firm has developed an application to offer therapy services to clients at any time and at their most convenient places. The company hires highly qualified and experienced personnel. The latest move was in hiring a chief medical officer, Neil Leibowitz, who is to oversee the new project’s success and the firm in general. Before joining Talkspace, he worked in New York at UnitedHealth Group, a senior executive member. The clients can access the therapy services through the firm’s website or a mobile application.


You can also get help via a phone call, text messages, or video chats with the therapists. You no longer need to be there physically, hence more convenient and time-saving. The new strategy also protects your privacy. Unlike what many people think, many health providers prefer to hold physical sessions. This is according to Talkspace’s chief medical officer. He points out that the new model was developed to provide patient-oriented services. The client can also use the conversations for future reference when in need of the therapy services as they can be recorded. Talkspace said that the new chief medical officer has experience in online therapy and is expected to give good results. However, he pointed out that he was not very conversant with the concept.

Despite the convenience that comes with the use of online therapy, some people still prefer to attend physical sessions. However, according to research, most individuals turn to the modern approach as they find it time-saving. Unlike some medical practitioners’ perception that the new model may result in job losses, Leibowitz points out that technology has made the work easier. The chief medical officer has purposed to ensure the institution’s rapid expansion to provide new services such as psychiatry. The move is expected to increase the number of clients and the income levels. Talkspace partners with other firms to provide better services. For example, it has partnered with Magellan to provide reimbursement for the services offered.

The online therapy offered by Talkspace has many advantages. First, you are assigned to a therapist that specializes in your area of need. The firm hires medical practitioners with several areas of specialization. Secondly, you are allowed to choose the medium of communication with your preferred specialist. You can have several sessions in one day, depending on your needs. The couples can easily access the services as they are more affordable. One of the individuals who has benefited from the online therapy shared the experience. According to her, the service is very convenient, and the personnel at Talkspace is amiable. She explains how she got a text message on her phone from Talkspace while running some errands.

She replied to the text message while on her way home on a train. The therapists are prompt in giving feedback as they are passionate about advising their clients. The application helps you find the right therapist and not doing it physically. You are required to answer a few questions regarding your medical history. According to the client, the online services are cheaper as it only costs $25 per week compared to the traditional therapy sessions where you are required to pay $20 to $250 every time.

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