How sports and cultural marks will be awarded in Maharashtra Board SSC exams

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How will the cultural quota marks be provided inside the nation board Class 10 tests?

For the primary time, students excelling in the drawing, classical and folk arts will receive 10 to twenty-five more marks within the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) tests.Here’s how it’ll be completed:

Folk artwork

Those who’ve studied classical dance, drama and making a song for at the least 5 years from a government-approved organization, and handed five tests in that art, may be given 15 marks.

Those passing three checks gets 10 marks. Winners of country wide and state degree tournaments or scholarships in these arts can be handed out a complete of 25 marks. In the absence of any formal assessments for people arts, students having 50 performances to their call from Classes 8 to ten will get 10 marks and those with 25 performances will get hold of 5 marks.

Theatre and Drawing

Students bagging the pinnacle-three positions within the kingdom organized children’s theater opposition in Classes eight to ten will obtain five to ten marks, relying on their rank. Child artists winning national awards for appearing, any time of their school years, between Class 1 and Class 10, gets 10 marks, whilst state award winners get five marks.



Students securing A grade in the intermediate drawing examination will be award 15 marks, B and C graders get 10 and 5 marks.


The Maharashtra nation college and sports activities training branch has relaxed the eligibility criteria for awarding the marks, making it less complicated to qualify for 25 marks — the highest allocated inside the quota.

Under the new policies, 25 marks might be given to those collaborating in global tournaments, alongside college students ranking in the pinnacle three in countrywide competitions. And participation in Nationals or triumphing state-stage tourneys will earn 20 marks, states a government decision issued on Tuesday.

Last yr, it was mandatory for college kids to win countrywide competitions and take part in global ones to qualify for the very best marks. Similarly, students winning nationals alone got 20 marks.

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