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One of the essential accessories for action sports gear is a grip tape. Grip tape is paramount for your safety and to ensure a smooth and well-controlled ride, whether it’s skateboarding, surfing, sailboat racing, or fitness. It’s necessary to have the right grip tape straddled onto your sports gear. The grip tape is a sandpaper-like material mostly applied on the skateboard decks to provide a firm grip on the surface. The grip tape ensures that the person using the sports gear stays firmly on the sports apparatus to show off their prowess. Jessup offers the best quality grip tapes.

Jessup has a variety of grip tapes that are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. The grip tape will not only provide traction but also add a sense of style. Jessup offers grip tapes in various packages, which include;

The original single-layer sheet measures 9”*33”.Its made with long-lasting glue to make sure that the grip is firm. The original sheet grip tape has an exceptional grip and smooth cutting, and it’s ideal for skateboards, cruisers, and longboards.

  • The Jessup Original Box Grip tapes

The original box has 20 to 100 grip tape sheets—the box grip tape measure 9 inches by 33 inches. The advantage of the Jessup original package is that it offers you more, making it more cost-effective.

  • The Jessup Roam grip tape Rolls.

The roam grip tape extra rough, and it’s designed for use in longboards. The roam grip tape is the most common among skaters all over the world.

  • The Jessup Roam grip tape Box.

The roam box of grip tape comes with sheets of 20 extra rough grip tape. The box grip tapes are handy for large teams and provide value for money.

Jessup offers the premier grip tape in the market, and there are several reasons why our grip tape is the best. We offer the best quality grip tape at Jessup, which is not you’re everyday grip tape. Our grip tapes have long-lasting glue, smooth cutting to provide the best grip. The grip tape’s size is conveniently cut to ensure they are a good fit for skateboards and other gears. Given that our company has been manufacturing grip tapes for decades, we ensure that they are well made and of high quality. Our grip tape is also cost-effective as the prices are reasonable as compared to others in the market. That makes us a top-selling brand in the market.


Buying our grip tape is easy; visit our online platform to choose your preferred grip tapes. The packaging and features of each grip tape are on our website. You just select the grip tape you want and pay via our online store. You get to choose from various colors available. Whether you are freeriding, going downhill, or just roaming the streets, Jessup grip premium tapes are your best partner as they will give your feet a firm grip. Get out there and roam the world safely with our grip tapes.

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