7 Ways to Increase Conversions and Improve Customer Experiences

7 Ways to Increase Conversions and Improve Customer Experiences

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Did you know that over 90% of dissatisfied customers will leave without saying a thing? Worse yet is, they’ll tell at least 15 other people how bad your business was!

As you can see, if you offer your customers bad experiences, it can have terrible consequences. Not only will you fail to attract new customers, but you’ll lose your existing ones too.

So how can you turn things around and ensure your company succeeds? By improving the customer experience!

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 ways to increase conversions and improve customer experiences so you can boost your business.

Increase Conversions

1. Create Emotional Connections

Nowadays, there are too many companies and not enough emotional connections. And that’s exactly what consumers need nowadays!

If your brand has an important goal, you’ll want consumers to connect with it. For example, if you’re aiming to reduce waste, it’s great to have campaigns where you challenge your customers to do the same.

Or if customers reach out to you about something, acknowledge it. Let’s say a customer leaves a message on social media saying they love your product. Respond with enthusiasm and even think about throwing a freebie or two in to show how much you appreciate them.

2. Interact With Your Audience More

On that note, you’ll want to interact with people as much as you can. With the advent of the internet, that’s very easy to do nowadays, plus it’s usually free too!

Whether the interaction starts off positive or negative, you want to make sure you respond to as many people as you can. And don’t just respond once; if the interaction requires that you have a bit of a back and forth, make sure you do that.

When consumers see that you’re a brand that cares about what people have to say, they’ll be more inclined to choose you and stay with you.

3. Offer Trials

There’s nothing better than a “try before you buy” feature. Sure, there will be people who want to just take advantage of free things which will never spend a cent on your products or services. But for the most part, trials can only do your business good.

Free trials allow consumers to see if something is a good fit for them without taking a huge risk. They’ll be appreciative that you offer such a thing, and when they realize you are a good fit, they’re more likely to put money down.

4. Perform Digital Experience Optimization

What is digital experience optimization? It means bettering your website and app so that users have a better time interacting with your brand. Considering that many consumers do research online before committing to a service or product, it makes sense that you want to optimize their experience.

Many companies make the mistake of only focusing on conversion rate optimization, as they fail to realize that digital experience optimization includes more.

So it can be worth your time to work with some professionals to identify weak areas and tweak them so that users have the best digital experience possible with you.

5. Listen to Feedback

Many consumers are willing to tell businesses exactly what they think. But often, brands are too thin-skinned to take the feedback constructively and end up just ignoring it.

But listening to feedback and implementing changes based on it is one of the best ways to increase conversions and make customers happy! So if you get feedback, keep it in mind.

You can encourage customers to express their opinions by emailing out satisfaction forms and asking for feedback on social media. You can even incentivize this by offering small discounts or prizes for their time.

6. Reward Your Loyal Customers

Keep in mind that conversions don’t just come from new customers. Many companies focus on just acquisition and not retention, which can really hurt business. When loyal customers feel like they’re not appreciated and that you value new customers more, they’ll certainly leave for your competitors.

As a result, you’ll see your profits plunge dramatically. The reality is, the cost to acquire new customers is much more than retaining your existing ones.

So do yourself a favor and reward your loyal customers. By giving them exclusive deals, discounts, and even access to special events, your long-time customers will be pleased that you’ve acknowledged their loyalty. This makes it much more likely for them to stay with you and recommend your services to their social circles.

7. Make Self-Service Available

You might think that self-service is lazy and might even offend your customers, but the opposite is true! In fact, it gives your customers the ability to control their experience and journey with your brand.

Let’s say that someone has some questions at 10:00 pm, but all your agents are off work. It can be frustrating to wait around half a day for a live agent to be available.

If there’s something like a chatbot, knowledge base, or telephone interactive voice response (IVR) available, then that user can utilize these avenues to find answers on their own in a prompt fashion. Not only does this allow your customers to get help when they need it, but it also frees up your agents for more complicated matters.

Increase Conversions With Our Tips

If you’ve wanted to increase conversions for your business, this is a great place to start. By using the tips that we’ve outlined for you, you’ll be able to improve customer experiences. As a result, your customer acquisition and retention numbers will soar, which will make your company one of the best ones around!

If you’d like to learn more about growing your brand online, make sure you check the rest of our blog page now.

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