The Top 3 Companies That Are Using the Internet of Things

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In today’s technological era, almost everything is and can be done with the internet’s help. In fact, if you look around, you’ll definitely find something that needs an internet connection to work. The internet has become a necessity of life these days, and further, with the emergence of the internet of things, our life has become much easier.

The internet of things or IoT is increasingly gaining the attention of people and businesses alike. As you might already know, the Internet of things refers to the network of physical devices that can be controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure with the help of an internet connection. The technology makes it possible to connect any device, from your cell phones and earplugs to lamps and wearable devices, with the internet to access real-time data.


In the industrial setting, the IoT holds enormous potential to improve business efficiency. According to some reports, more than 20 percent of business enterprises globally are already exploiting the benefits of IIoT. And the other 28 percent are looking to incorporate IIoT solutions soon. Now you may ask which companies are using the internet of things presently.

Today, from insurance and automobile companies to manufacturing plants and gyms, IIoT has endless applications in almost every industrial sector. Here, in this post, you’ll find the top 3 companies using industrial IoT technology to boost their business efficiency and transform their operations.

1. Amazon

Most probably, you already know about Amazon’s IoT consumer products- Alexa and Dash. But here, we’ll be looking at how the company is using IoT for its operations. Amazon gained widespread media attention when it announced its plans to use drones for delivery. But not just this, the online retail giant is also a pioneer in using IIoT solutions for improving its warehousing and logistics. With more than 500 million stock keeping units (SKUs) and millions of warehouses, Amazon embraced Wi-Fi-connected Kiva robots to streamline its operations. With these IoT-enabled robots, now employees don’t need to walk around the shelves to scan products as robots can locate shelves and bring products to workers. Amazon acquired this tech for $775 million in 2012, and reportedly, this development saves approx $22 million every year.

2. Hitachi

When it comes to harnessing the potential of IIoT, the Japanese company stands out from the rest. The company has adopted an integrated IIoT approach and has always remained at the forefront of using innovative technology. Unlike other industrial companies that depend on third-party services, Hitachi has employed more than 16,000 employees to explore the potential uses of the IIoT in its operations. The company has already developed an IoT platform, Lumada, and an IoT-enhanced production model that has supposedly reduced the production lead times by half.

3. Boeing

The multinational aviation company Boeing is also an early adopter of IIoT to drive manufacturing efficiency. The company is already using IoT to transform its business operations and has deployed IoT technology to drive efficiency throughout factories and supply chains. Moreover, the number of connected sensors embedded into Boeing’s planes is also being increased.

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