3 smart ways to protect your email privacy

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Over the past few years, email security has advanced significantly, password encryption being one honorable mention. Even so, messages can be easily intercepted and read by anyone, so they become less private. If you’re using email to send sensitive information such as customer account numbers or proprietary materials, you need to ensure communications remain private. Email is the main target for thieves and hackers, so you’d better sail close to the wind. Here are 3 tips you can follow to protect invaluable information.

protect your email privacy

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Lock your screen while you’re away

Make sure that your email account isn’t visible. Anyone with basic computing knowledge can poke around in your stuff. Don’t leave the doors open for intruders. If you walk away from your computer, even for a couple of minutes, lock it. If an unauthorized person gains access to your computer, they can send emails on your behalf, tamper, and delete files, not to mention that they can get their hands on confidential data. Hold the Windows key and press L to lock the desktop. This way, you’re the only one with access to the email account. Set up your desktop computer and mobile to automatically go to screensaver after a certain amount of inactivity.

Use a datacenter proxy for email protection.

Every time you or someone from the organization goes online, you leave a digital footprint. Someone skilled in data scraping can easily access the data and sell it to a third party. Talk to your boss about the benefits of datacenter proxies for email protection. A data center proxy conceals the original IP address, therefore, protecting data from surveillance. You don’t have to worry about phishing attacks or malicious spam. All the emails from the internal computer aren’t sent to the Internet until they’re adequately encrypted. What’s more, incoming emails are automatically decrypted and verified. Buy your datacenter proxy from a trusted provider.

Limit forwarding

Stop and think for a second before you hit the Forward button. If the message gets to someone from outside the company, you’ll expose important information that should have remained a secret. Applications like Gmail enable users to prevent recipients from forwarding emails by simply switching on the Confidential Mode. If someone attempts to forward the message, Gmail will remove the message body and attachments from their copy. The problem with data is that it can be mishandled, which is why it’s best to configure your emails so that the recipient is unable to forward them.

The bottom line is that email exchanges aren’t always safe. This form of digital communication was designed with deliverability in mind, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that security breaches occur. It’s up to you to make sure that data remains private. If you transmit sensitive information, it’s better to be on the safe side. Keep your messages hidden from prying eyes, and don’t open emails from suspicious senders because you can get infected with malware. Take a stand to protect yourself from potential disaster.

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