Online MBA opening new doors for working professionals

Online MBA opening new doors for working professionals

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Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the number of institutes offering online MBA programs. Hence, earning a degree in MBA has become easier than ever, especially for the working professionals.

Why online MBA course?

On-campus learning has its own benefits, however one of the major advantages you get from learning online is experiencing online project work and learning how to work in collaborative and virtual spaces.

These are the additional skills students learn through platforms like Jaro Education, a Mumbai-based ed-tech company. It offers various Executive MBA programs like Accelerated Management Program, Doctor of Business Administration in Management, Strategic Management Program, etc, from the top management institutes.

Furthermore, most of the people opting for Executive MBA Program are usually experienced people, unlike the traditional on-campus students. On that note, EMBA offers you the benefit of learning from people’s experiences. Your scopes of learning will be diverse since your cohorts will be people from different professional background with more mature perspectives.

With the introduction and evolution of technology, the way the corporate world works is also under a constant tectonic shift. Hence, learning and working are no more two distinct phases. The reason you have to learn is to keep up with the knowledge and skills that can be of value to your company. Given the changing business environment, pursuing online MBA has become more of a necessity.

How online MBA benefits the time-poor working professionals?

Whether you are planning to start a business, switch to another industry or planning to move up the career ladder, pursuing an online MBA can be highly beneficial, considering the wide-range of hard skills and soft skills you will be learning.

The flexibility of the programs will be an added boon since you can juggle between work, career and your personal life. Recognising the need for flexibility, most online MBA programs offer students the option to complete their degree at their own pace. Hence you can choose to study at the timeframe that fits with your schedule without compromising your work and personal life. In addition to the flexibility in schedules, the MBA for working professionals offers customised academic paths. Majority of them allow students to choose electives or specialisations of their choice.

Despite being called ‘online’ these programs also facilitate face-to-face interactions. B-schools are adopting a hybrid model where some content are delivered online and some are delivered in person. The IIM’s executive programs from Jaro and the other EMBA programs that the latter offers involve both in-campus and online learning. These are the great ways to build connection and communication between the lecturer and students that add depth to the virtual interactions made throughout the program.

An online MBA offers ample of benefits. It enables you to learn business the same way business is being conducted in real-time while offering you the flexibility to juggle work and family life.

While Executive MBA programs are most touted for their flexibility, it becomes essential for you as a participant to learn how to manage your time properly and be prepared for new set of challenges.


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