Document Management – Smart Filing System for Smart Businesses

Document Management – Smart Filing System for Smart Businesses

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You are late for your 6’o clock meeting and you cannot find the contract file which is needed to be presented. This is a nightmare which most of the corporates would have gone through. No matter in what industry you are or what scale your business is, a complex system of records and paperwork is bound to follow you. Managing and storing these documents for easy retrieval becomes the topmost priority for many such businesses. Document filing and indexing have been adopted to overcome this problem. A constant debate has been there discussing which is a better and cheaper method of filing these documents. Some remain adamant about the orthodox ways of keeping physical copies and other feel storing the documents in a system by scanning them would be much safer.Globe Inform

A sea of problems and inefficiencies

Filing and indexing of documents and files is usually not taken care of, and the files are stored in a chaotic and haphazard manner by the employees. The problem arises when these documents have to be retrieved. Setting them in an alphabetical or a chronological order makes the system much more efficient. In this way, employees would be able to focus on much more pressing matters which would increase the productivity of the human resources of the organizations. But still, this remains insufficient in multiple ways, hence to overcome such shortcomings an innovative solution had to be built.

The digital solution

The answer to all of the above problems is intelligent and automated file indexing. It is usually an automated feature based on the Meta tags provided. With this technology, the system can easily determine where the document should be stored, so it can be accessed easily. Retrieving the file becomes easier as the folder path is selected automatically. But what if there is no appropriate folder for the file? Well, the system is intelligent enough to make a new path for the file.




The power of keywords

Nothing could be easier than a keyword search to locate a document and that is what the filing system provides. Normally abbreviations and file numbers are used to file documents in its physical form which becomes pretty difficult to locate in the future. You can select and choose the keywords which you think are related to the document and would be using to search it.

There are a number of multiple keywords which can be used to classify such documents ranging from the dates, client’s name to projects and subjects. Storing huge amounts of paperwork takes a lot of physical space, but storing such documents on the cloud can give you as much storage as you would need.

Advantages? There are tonnes!

Some files have to be stored for only a particular period, till the particular project isn’t completed. But some more important files like official contracts have to be stored for years and in all this time it might be buried in a hill of paperwork. Such documents can easily be archived and also stored in particular folders in a system. Some files like cash books have to be altered each and every day. Such documents can be given priority and shortcuts can be created in the document management systems.

Such systems need to provide an easy interface which can be understood even by the non-technical employees of the organization and has a local network to easily share the files with the colleagues. Official communication in firms also can be done with the help of these systems as the files can be filed and shared in a secure manner and functions like acceptance, rejections, reviews etc. can be performed on the document.

Going for a quick search in your database will allow you to locate the file in no time. The user has the ability to manipulate the automatic system and can easily change the default settings to whatever seems more logical. In other words, the user has the ability to change the meta-data and override the auto-filing capabilities. Worrying about people unnecessarily playing around with such settings? You need not. You can restrict the authority of the employees of the organization, which puts a barrier for them to edit, or change such documents.

Such documents indexing software although can be purchased separately but many of them come bundled with the document management systems which give a versatile solution to each and every problem related to managing any documents. Document indexing can thus help any business but would be most useful for those businesses which have many similar and sometimes repetitive documents. It not only provides a detailed and simple hierarchy of the library of documents but also files the documents intelligently without any user interference. Such smart filing and indexing systems could be the key for your organization to cut costs, save time and focus on its productivity.

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