Digital Marketing Tips for Assisted Living facilities

Digital Marketing Tips for Assisted Living facilities

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A Merrill Lynch study had found that only 10% of retirees or the aging population prefer using assisted living facilities. In comparison, almost 85% said that they preferred staying in their own homes for the support that they need. This shows that agencies offering assisted living facilities are already facing a huge challenge in attracting clients. However, assisted-living facilities need to target a different audience, i.e., young adults or children of the gaining population. With children being the primary carers responsible for their parents, it’s about time for home care agencies to utilize the potential of digital technologies and target individuals aged between 35 to 50 years who are looking for convenient and comfortable assisted living facilities for their parents.

The power and popularity of digital marketing are known to many. But how do agencies in the challenging and competitive senior care industry make use of online technologies and platforms to reach out to adult children even better? Here are a few digital marketing tips that can help assisted living facilities reach out to prospective occupants by showcasing your home care services’ valuable offerings. The following digital marketing channels must be executed by a professional marketer or a qualified senior living marketing agency such as Senior Care Clicks. Hiring a professional to do the job will ensure that the marketing budget is used effectively.



Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a form of cost-effective, targeted advertising on Google. Advertisements or banner ads relevant to your home care business are first filtered and indexed with your company’s websites and webpages, which further helps Google show your ads whenever users enter specific keywords or phrases in the Google search bar. PPC requires minimal investment but produces great results for home care agencies that have recently entered the market and are looking to gain clients quickly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For your home care agency to become more visible and reachable for your online audience, SEO strategies can do a great deal of good for your business. This is because SEO takes care of a wide range of necessary aspects for your online business to flourish, right from optimizing your websites with relevant, accurate, and informative content to indexing your pages with appropriate keywords relevant to the industry. A cost-effective yet time-consuming process, SEO increases the visibility and reach of your assisted living facilities, making it easier for you to integrate and sell content, services, and products to online users.

Content Marketing

Blogs, media/press releases, business articles, online guides, etc., come under content marketing. Your assisted living facility can work with the best content marketers to prepare a plan that can help attract new residents to your facility. Online content goes a long way in promoting your facilities and improving the reach and reputation of your agency online. Effective content marketing strategies can also be integrated with SEO techniques to optimize your websites, improve your online presence, and boost your business conversion rates.

Online directories

Your assisted living facility can be listed in online directories for better reach. When users enter keywords looking for assisted living facilities online, online directories are where most search results pop up. Signing up with online directories is also a good way of informing clients about your company by providing business details, contact numbers, agency addresses, and more. Also, make sure to provide all kinds of information about your business along with high-quality images and audio-visual content that shows your facility in the best light.

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