5 Ways Companies Can Be Greener in 2020

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As time goes by, more companies are becoming mindful of the environment, and as a result, they are implementing greener business practices. Even small changes can make a big difference. Here are five ways companies can be greener in 2020, some of which could even save you money.

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1. Invest in Renewable Energy

If you want to reduce your electricity bills and be kinder to the planet, your company can invest in renewable energy. Solar power and batteries are becoming increasingly popular as businesses choose to generate their own energy. To complement renewable energy, companies can reuse water. This means using gray water for other purposes. For example, water from sinks could be given a second life when used in the garden.

2. Cut Down on Paper

In this digital age, cutting down on paper usage should not be too difficult for businesses. Making the most of e-mails and apps will reduce the number of office supplies used and increase productivity. In addition to consciously reducing paper usage, companies can implement recycling programs. Separating garbage from recyclables and buying refurbished office equipment could help to change the company culture.

3. Have Teams Working Remotely

Employees are likely to appreciate being able to work from home on occasion, and fewer vehicles on the road will be good for the planet. Existing staff can be supported by using call center software, with applications available for inbound and outbound calls, social media inquiries, e-mail, and more. These best-of-breed call center solutions can make working outside of the office a reality without compromising high-quality customer service.

4. Say Hello to Reusable Coffee Cups

Most workplaces will have coffee as an essential kitchen item, but there are greener ways to get your daily grind. With over 500 billion plastic coffee cups worldwide being thrown away each year, supplying or encouraging the use of reusable alternatives makes sense. Having filtered water readily available will also help stop plastic water bottles from being used at work. Some coffee is greener than others. Look for environmentally friendly versions that have been grown on sustainable farms with the community, nature, and the land as key priorities. You can even buy in bulk to reduce packaging.

5. Use Natural Cleaning Products

Harsh chemicals may clean well, but they can be unkind to the environment and can irritate anyone with allergies. There is a range of natural cleaning alternatives that work just as well; it may just require some trial and error. This is particularly important if you choose to use gray water, as natural products will be much gentler in the filtration system. Biodegradable bin liners, baking soda, lemons, and microfiber cleaning cloths are just a few examples of natural alternatives.

Going Green Is Easy

Companies can be greener in 2020 by implementing a few simple strategies. You can start with a few small changes and work your way up. Whether it is generating your own power, using e-mail and apps instead of paper, or allowing staff to work remotely with call center software, there is a solution for every business. Being green doesn’t have to mean your staff misses out or your business suffers; it just means doing things in a whole new way.

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