4 Signs It’s Time To Take a Break From Alcohol

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Alcohol is something that a lot of people consume casually without any issues. It pairs nicely with many foods and is a staple in many social events. While some people manage to carry on their lives perfectly fine with the presence of alcohol occasionally, some seem to encounter many problems with it.

Some people aren’t suited for alcohol and can’t seem to consume it in small doses. One drink for the rest of the world seems to be no problem while these people have to finish the whole bottle. Not sure if you are one of these people? Take a look at some of the biggest warning signs that it’s time for you to take a break from alcohol.

Getting In Trouble With The Law

If you find yourself getting into trouble with the law as a direct result of drinking, then this should be the biggest red flag in front of you. When your alcohol consumption causes you to behave in ways that you wouldn’t otherwise behave sober, to the point of actually breaking the law, then you should seriously examine whether you should quit alcohol altogether.

This is a serious sign of abusing alcohol to the point of it getting potentially destructive.

Slacking On Responsibilities

If you have been having trouble with arriving at your work on time or following through with other commitments, then you should seriously consider that you need to take a step back and examine how much of your drinking is done at appropriate moments.

For example, if you have to work early the next morning or have somewhere important to be then, it’s probably not the best time to go out on the town all night drinking cocktails.

Knowing when your priorities should take precedence over your party schedule is key if you’re going to be a consumer of alcohol.


Trouble Sleeping

Alcohol affects sleeping patterns dramatically. Even though you may think that you’re sleeping peacefully after a big night of drinking, you’re actually not entering a deep sleep cycle at all.

Since alcohol inhibits the body from entering a REM state of sleep, you often wake up feeling like you hardly slept at all.

Skin Irritation

Alcohol can often cause the sin to start breaking out or becoming red and patchy. This is because it’s a poison and isn’t just soaked into your bloodstream when you consume it but also every part of your body.

If you notice that your skin has been particularly irritated, you may want to seriously consider how much alcohol you’ve been consuming. You may find that the answer is right in front of you.

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