4 Career Ideas For People Who Love To Draw

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When it comes to choosing a career that is best suited for you, it’s important to identify what your favorite activities are and how you could find that same satisfaction from a job. People who are natural-born artists and get satisfaction from drawing and being artistic are usually the happiest when they are in lines of work that have them doing just that all day long.

It’s impossible to take the artist out of an artist. If you try to put an artist into a job that isn’t creative at all, they will eventually start to wither away from boredom and depression. Your love of art doesn’t only have to be a hobby. Here are some of the best jobs for people who love to draw but want to make money from it.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are the artists behind designing a webpage, advertisement, or any other kind of visual advertising that you can think of. Their job is to execute a client’s vision for how they want to visually represent their product. The graphic designer’s role is to successfully help them achieve what they want through their artistic skills.

Part of your job includes creating rough drafts of what your client wants. Sometimes this can take weeks to months trying to come up with their vision. It doesn’t just take someone good at making art and sketching, but also someone who knows how to listen to clients and translate what they are saying they want into something they can see.


Tattoo Artist

As the popularity of tattoos rises, so makes the demand for tattoo artists. A career in the tattoo field can be exciting, edgy, and incredibly creative. Usually, clients will come to you with a vision or description of what they want to have.

It’s your job to take their idea and make it into a beautiful tattoo. You will need a unique style and quality to stand apart from the rest. You will blend into all of the other tattoo artists who have no flair or signature style without originality.

If you like drawing, there will be no shortage of things to draw. The average tattoo artist spends hours a day making sketches and preparing pieces.

Art Teacher

Teaching others the skill that you are so good at isn’t only entertaining for someone who loves to draw, but it’s incredibly fulfilling. Teaching others can be incredibly rewarding since you are passing on your knowledge to others.

The give and take of passing on your teachings can be extraordinary. Not to mention very fun and full of plenty of art all day long.

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