Making safe online payments of MSEDCL bills

Making safe online payments of MSEDCL bills

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Making safe online payments of MSEDCL bills

Just like your mobile bills and top-ups, if you fail to pay the MSEDCL bills on time, your electric connection can be disconnected at any point in time. Without our phones and without electricity, life is unimaginable today. With the internet and the digital world fast becoming our way of life, too, making MSEDCL bill payments is no longer a matter of hassle and stress anymore. In fact, with online methods of payments, bill payments have become leisure and convenient today.

With the state electricity boards, service providers, and online aggregators like Paytm, MobiKwik, and PhonePe joining hands to make the online medium safe and sound for processing financial transactions, we can only sit back, relax and get going with a process that is fast and simple.

What are the different ways that I can pay online for my MSEDCL Bills?

Bill payment online is no cause of great tension anymore. While credit cards, debit cards, and Netbanking were quite popular to make online payments until about a few years ago, today, the best way of making settling your MSEDCL bills online is the UPI method and the electronic wallet.

UPI is where your mobile phone acts as your wallet and credit card. Your mobile number is what facilitates the entire payment mechanism via this method. The extra layer of security comes in OTP or One Time Passwords and pushes SMS sent to your registered number to initiate, verify, and authenticate payments. Also, with the M-PIN, the security becomes more foolproof and perfect.

On the other hand, the electronic wallets are facilitated by specific reseller service providers and one that acts as your virtual wallet. This is also used from a smart device like a smartphone or a computer system. You can store money in the electronic wallet and use it for making payments of your MSEDCL bills online. The good thing is that it can also make offline payments at physical shops and stores. The e-wallet is actually linked at the backend to the individual’s bank account. With password protection and two-way factor authentication, today’s e-wallet is becoming quite popular amongst the masses as a convenient method of making online payments. When you choose the e-wallet for making your MSEDCL electricity bills, the financial information from the virtual wallet is encrypted before being sent to the merchant, making it safe and secure.

If you are not registered for a UPI payment method or the e-wallet, you can use the credit card to make a safe online payment. The credit card is way safer than your debit card, and Netbanking for the latter two connect upfront with your personal banking details. This can be easily hacked by online hackers if the network, the server system, and the payment processor have loopholes. Since the credit card is linked to your credit card account with an upper limit to it, you do not lose much even if the system has been hacked.

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