Five Windshield Maintenance Hacks for Your New Car

Five Windshield Maintenance Hacks for Your New Car

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If you have recently bought a new car, you should get on your toes for regular care and maintenance. You should be careful of its servicing schedule and protect it from all the harm that the environment and negligent drivers on roads can cause.

One part that you need to be extra observant of is the windshield. Though it is durable enough, it isn’t indestructible. Road tar, tree sap, and any foreign substances can collect on the wiper blade and damage the windshield glass immensely.

Maintenance Hacks

Before I get into some of the best ways to safeguard your new car’s windshield, let me tell you the major purposes it serves. Windshields are specifically designed to help you in:

  • Stopping dust, dirt, and grime from entering the car
  • Preventing the roof from caving in during an accident
  • Protecting the driver from the initial impact of a collision
  • Obstructing glare from the sun and offering a clear vision to the driver
  • Read further to learn five best hacks for windshield maintenance and keep your car in good shape –

Don’t Slam the Car Doors.

It is a common thing you get to see in kids and most adults – they just slam the doors when they get in and out of the car. But do you know that when you do that, there are excessive vibrations that can cause damage to your door windows and windshield as well as window guiding channels and regulator?

While the accidental slamming isn’t that problematic, try not to make it a regular habit.

  • Park the Vehicle Carefully

Sometimes, it is not possible to park at an appropriate parking place. But when it is, make sure you don’t park it under a tree or direct sunlight. It is because both places can put your entire car at risk as extreme temperatures can cause cracks, and falling tree branches can cause breakage.

Thus, look for a proper garage, basement, or any other shaded spots and keep your windshield’s durability in the car intact.

  • Fix the Chips and Cracks Immediately

When on the road, if any foreign object hits the windshield, it could leave chips or cracks or the formation of bubbles in it. If left untreated, these small issues can lead to huge damage and hinder the driver’s visibility.

Therefore, it is essential to pay proper attention to these nicks, or else you would require windshield replacement soon.

  • Use Appropriate Cleaning Solutions

Leaving pollen and dirt accumulated on the windshield is more hazardous than you think. It not only hampers the visibility of the glass but also impacts its overall integrity. Even the smallest pieces of debris can cause abrasions and make your windshield prone to cracking.

However, with regular cleaning using ammonia-free products, you can protect it from any avoidable damage.

  • Call Professional Replacement Services

If you see minor damages on your windshield, don’t turn a blind eye towards them. Contact a windshield repairing expert who can help you get your windshield and car back in good shape.

You can contact specialists at Two Bros Auto Glass, who have repaired hundreds of windshields in Salt Lake City, Utah, to date.

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