4 Most Common Things Couples Fight About

4 Most Common Things Couples Fight About

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Being in a relationship means often having to make sacrifices in order to make it last. Since no two people are identical, you’re always going to find things to disagree on eventually. The important thing is to find common ground together and be patient with each other’s differences.

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When it comes to the most common things that most couples find themselves butting heads about, here are the ones that stand out most.


Couples are frequently arguing about money since it’s such a delicate subject. Money is something which two people can butt heads about when they can’t see eye to eye on what it should be used for.

Often one of the people in the relationship sees money as something which should be spent freely and without worries, while the other person is much more conservative about what they spend on. Often the straw that breaks the camel’s back is when one spouse makes a major purchase on something like buying a vehicle without consulting the other spouse. For some people, this is a betrayal as bad as adultery. Because they fear they aren’t ever able to trust them again, they leave the relationship behind forever.


Sometimes for a variety of reasons one of the people in a relationship may be lacking confidence about the role they play. When they feel insecure about how much the other person cares, it can lead to serious arguments.

Sometimes these feelings of jealous are warranted if one of the people in the couple is dishonest or actively doing things which create suspicion. However, there are many cases as well which are unwarranted jealousy which can commonly lead to the demise of their relationship.

Lack of Intimacy

In a romantic relationship, it’s essential to have physical intimacy between a couple. Otherwise, there’s no difference between being friends and lovers. Lovers should not only be sexually intimate but also small gestures from a hand on the arm to a hug in the morning.

When one of the people in the relationship would like to have more physical interaction yet feel starved of it, they can start to feel insecure and rejected. Arguments begin to arise, and it often takes therapy to be able to repair the issue if at all.

Household Chores

When one of the people in the relationship feels like they’re taking on more work than the other, it can start to create an imbalance. One of the people in the couple may feel like they aren’t being given a hand to keep up with household duties, yet the other feels like they’re being nagged all the time.

It can quickly turn into exhibiting the same dynamic as a parent and child when one of them feels like they’re taking care of the other.


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