Driving With Pets – How To Avoid Distractions

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Driving with pets is a lot of fun, especially when making a long-distance road trip. However, it is important to know how to control the pets do not cause distractions. It takes a one-second distraction on the road to cause serious carnage. Thankfully, this is something that you can avoid easily. Traveling with pets is also a popular topic on the web, especially in travel blogs.

Here is how to avoid distractions when driving with pets:

Know The Laws That You Could Be Violating By Traveling With Your Pet

Find out what kind of traffic ticket you could be facing and then try to avoid it. Usually, these regulations are regarding restraining animals, traveling with pets in the back when they are unrestrained, traveling with a part of the pet being outside, and many more. For example, it cannot travel with an unruly pet in the truck’s open back in many states.

Keep The Windows On The Side Of The Pet Closed

Dogs are curious; perhaps we can say they are more friendly than interested. That’s why they want to grin at every passing vehicle or person on the side of the road if you keep the window open. This is dangerous, though; besides, it is a traffic violation in many states and could get you a ticket. Debris, grit, and grass can get into the dog’s eyes, causing serious discomfort.

Never Let The Pet Sit On Your Lap When Driving

This is very important. No matter how convincing that grin on your dog is, do not allow the pet to sit on your lap. A dog sitting on your lap can make movements that cause you to lose focus fast. There are many problems with this. One, the dog could hinder how your steer the car. Two, the pet could be distracted by oncoming vehicles, and as a result, it could even attempt to move closer to the window. Remember, the driver’s side is on the inner side of the road.

Keep The Pet Restrained

You may even think about a perforated crate if you are doing a long drive. However, you should make frequent toilet stops for the dog. At the same time, you may also buy a pet seat belt to have the dog sitting on the passenger seat beside you and keep you company. These safety belts are designed for different animals – some for big dogs, some for small dogs, and so on. Do not use the regular safety belts intehuman use and not for dogs.

Arrange For Regular Breaks From The Drive

Dogs are very active animals and are not built to sit long and bored, staring into the unending tarmac. If your dog is not used to taking long drives, it could be more nervous. This could make it want to piss more often than usual. Even if your dog is used to long drives, do take breaks so he can stretch his legs every now and then.

Feed The Pet Before The Journey

Hunger can make the pet distressed and restless in the vehicle. Feed him before the journey. When the dog is belted to the passenger seat, you want him to be as comfortable as possible. Also, carry snacks for yourself and the dog to take some on your breaks.

Do Not Travel With A Sick Pet

Unless you are taking your pet to the vet, avoid traveling long distances with a sickly pet. Traveling could aggravate the sickness. You can ask the vet whether the dog is fit to travel through even when it is unwell.


No matter how careful you are, you can always make mistakes. So, if you ever get any traffic ticket, make sure you find a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you. If you are from Orange County, an Orange County speeding ticket attorney should take care of it for you. Be careful when driving with pets and follow the tips mentioned in this article to avoid distractions.

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