How to Pimp Your Truck for the Perfect Road Trip

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If you want the perfect road trip, you need the perfect truck. These easy steps will not only scream perfect but will give you a great opportunity to put your own stamp on your truck, guaranteeing you stand out on the road.

Adding Lights to the Passenger Cab and Front Bumper

Extra lighting is the perfect way to get your truck standing out. This method is a bit more hands-on due to the wiring involved, so you must know what you are doing. A passenger cab roof is a perfect place for extra lighting, as it sits at the very top and front of the vehicle. This can add some height as well as being convenient. Installing some fog lights on the front bumper can be very useful and add a very cool lighting effect. But, be sure not to over-use them as they can startle other drivers on the road.


Using Mud Flaps to Add Stickers

Other than the purpose of mud flaps being to protect the vehicle and passengers from mud, they also act as a great canvas to allow some artistic influences. Collecting stickers is an interesting idea that is bound to get your creativity flowing. These can be your favorite logos or sports teams. Add them to the mud flaps around your truck. If you don’t already have mud flaps and you aren’t fully sure on how to install them, this step to step guide on how to add mud flaps to your truck is easy to follow.

Customizing Your Own Paint Job

Personalizing your truck can be very easy. A simple method uses self-adhesive striping kits where you can attach designs such as flames, which are very common in trucks. Using the striping technique, you can still achieve those cool effects without having to do much. However, if you fancy painting over your truck, there are plenty of designs and tips to get you started. Take a look at the different variations in styles to choose from.

Swapping Your Engine for A Cummins

Changing your diesel engine to a Cummins one is an upgrade you will not regret. Cummins offers full support with their durable and efficient engines and other components, including related equipment. If you are considering changing your engine, has a great read on a guy installing a new truck engine himself, with no need to involve a third party. How your truck drives are just as important as how it looks, so with this, you are definitely a step closer to pimping out your truck for the perfect drive.

With these tips and tricks, you are sure to get well on your way with your truck’s transformation. Being confident with how your vehicle looks will improve how you feel on the road. Not to mention replacing and upgrading parts on your truck to swap for more preferred ones will allow a more personal experience with your car.

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