5 Amazing Makeover Tips for Kids’ Bedrooms

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Giving a makeover to a kid’s bedroom is a challenging task. Making an investment for your little one who will soon step into another phase is indeed tricky. So, how does one ensure that the room gets transformed into a child’s dream room without getting out-dated for the next few years? Here are some great tips to help you give a beautiful makeover to your kids’ room without having to compromise on the functionality.

Storage Space

Kids love creating a mess. So, the best way to help them stay organized is to create enough storage space for them. Have built-in shelves, wicker baskets, book stands, clear boxes, storage benches, etc., for keeping the room clutter-free. You can also make good use of the space under beds by having storage carts with wheels for keeping the items organized and easily accessible. Also, keep their utility things at their height so there is a lesser tussle for them when you aren’t around.

Display Area and Shelves

If you have ever observed, kids are great collectors. So, as a parent, it becomes your duty to make their collecting process easy. You can do that by installing a beautifully decorated cork board above their study area and stick their collection of pictures and postcards on it. You can also get wooden shelves for displaying their favorite toys as they are cheaper and safer than the glass shelves.

Wall Art and Stickers

Having those plain walls in kids’ bedrooms is totally boring and tiring. The kids always look for a fun element around, and what can be more interesting than displaying fabulous pieces of art in their room. Hanging their favorite cartoon characters on the canvas or in frames will bring fun and fantasy to their space. Other than that, you can also try some removable wall stickers that are available in a wide range of styles and very affordable at the same time. Since they are easily removable, you can let your kids have fun in decorating the room in their own way without causing any damage to the walls.


Having proper lighting for your kids’ space is highly important. But rather than opting for those conventional types of lights, you can use creative light fixtures for their room. Fixtures in different shapes and colors matching the wallpaper and wall art would add a fun element to their area. You can also use multiple kinds of lighting to aid them in studying in the late evening and make way for them to the bathroom during the middle of the night.

Bunk Beds

So, it’s the kids’ room, and who can forget the all-time-favorite bunk beds. Beds are the real bedroom’s estate of thhe kids, and getting a bunk bed (if you have more than 1 child) is a great decision. Replacing the old boring bed with a beautiful bunk bed will instantly lift the aesthetics of the room and create a lot of space as well. But, just be sure you buy it from a reputable supplier or manufacturer who deals with high-quality and durable materials.

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