Why Taking Holiday Breaks from Work is Important

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Most professionals have, at some point, found themselves ignoring work breaks throughout the year. While there are reasons that may make you reluctant about claiming your leave days, such as unmet targets, holiday breaks are essential for your career.

Unplugging and taking a break to spend time with your family or spend some of the fortunes you work so hard for at a tourist destination is helpful. Here are reasons you should keep track of the quietest periods at work on your calendar template and apply for that leave.

Holiday Breaks

1. It allows you to be creative

Burying yourself in work can prevent your creative juices from flowing and make you miss out on opportunities to be creative. A break from work will allow you to think and research ways to improve your department.

Visiting a new city or country will be an eye-opener as you will get to see how things are done in other environments and borrow some ideas. Moreover, through interaction with people, you can get their views which can shed light on different issues.

Taking some time away from the office gives room for innovation and creativity.

2. You will be healthier

Work breaks, sometimes even called health breaks, are good for your health. Not taking holiday breaks can increase irritability, anxiety, and stress. Work pressure can further develop into conditions such as hypertension and depression.

Your body and mind need time to unwind and relax. This way, you eliminate the risk of developing stress and mental disorders like depression. In addition, a holiday can restore your mental resources and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular issues.

3. Motivate colleagues and employees to prioritize their health

Failure to take leave days can make your employees reluctant if you are a manager. They will be more comfortable taking breaks if their supervisors take them. Taking a break will set a good example and help build an excellent organizational culture.

Your team will value breaks from work and motivate them to achieve a work-life balance.

4. Increased performance

Everyone deserves to take a break from work to relax. However, failure to do so results in burnout, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety and stress. This can hurt productivity. More so, the brain may be too tired to think of better ways to handle tasks.

Employees who take holiday breaks come back energized and with new ideas. They are also more satisfied with their roles and are less likely to quit. So if you are feeling that your productivity is dwindling, a break might be what you need.

If you are in a managerial position, encourage your employees to take breaks from work, and their performance will be optimal.


Taking at least 15 days from work can be beneficial for your career. Depending on how busy your schedule is, you can distribute these days across your work months. In addition, some time off work will help you recharge, tap your creative juices and be more motivated.

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