5 Priorities Clients Deserve from Their Real Estate Agent

5 Priorities Clients Deserve from Their Real Estate Agent

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No matter if you are looking to buy a house, or if someone is looking to buy your dream home, there are some things that you expect as a client from the real estate agent you have hired to act as your representative. And, it’s not like, you only expect, but you deserve several things from the real estate agent you hire. It doesn’t really matter if you are the buyer or the seller, everybody who hires an agent in order to represent them while any real estate deal happens, expects and deserves some of the very basic things from the agent. Now, in this article, we will not talk about every aspect that a real estate agent may deal with, but only from the perspective of a homeowner, and their relationship with the real estate agent. Now, speaking from the perspective of a real estate agent, they are also bound to some ethical ethos, and there’s some legal principles that they should abide by. Not going in to so much of an humdrum, in this article, we will simply talk about the 5 main priorities clients actually deserve from their real estate agent.My True Care

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver-: A real estate professional in today’s age, is like a rock, that the client can depend upon at any point of time of this whole real estate process. Therefore, some of the real estate agents being overly optimistic, and in their zeal and desire, throw a listing price which might be too big for the house the seller wants to offer. It is known that the maximum number of hits, for a listing of a house, is in the first few weeks of listing, and once a potential customer understands that the listed price is too big for the house, they might lose interest, and never visit back again. Therefore, a real estate agent, will be someone, who will always say what is right, and not be someone, who tells what the seller wants to hear. Therefore, promise less, but deliver greater.




Pricing Advice-: The real estate agent has a great expertise in the real estate market, and therefore, he is the only one, who can advise the seller on the pricing depending on many factors. The factors that mainly counts in while someone is selling their house, is the location of the house, and other market factors, by analyzing them through a tool, also known as Competitive Market Analysis or CMA. Therefore, if you are a real estate agent, don’t just recommend a price, analyze the price and then recommend it.

Marketing and Advertising-: Since, your client has no idea about the market, and has selected you to represent himself, therefore, you have the sole responsibility to market the house, and see that it is advertised in all possible mediums. Since, for more and more competitive pricing, you need more prospective buyers, and hence, the advertising needs to be solid.

Showing the House-: If you have selected some of the prospective clients from a big list, then you being a real estate agent have the sole responsibility to stage the house for the big day. You need to decide everything.

Negotiations-: A homeowner doesn’t really negotiate with the buyer, but it is the work of the real estate agent to negotiate on the pricing with the buyers. Therefore, being a real estate agent, you need to be good in it.

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