Fraudster jailed for £1.6m property scam after longest criminal trial in UK history

Fraudster jailed for £1.6m property scam after longest criminal trial in UK history

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A fraudster who spent his sick-gotten gains on flash cars and luxury vacations has been jailed after the longest criminal trial in UK criminal history.

Edwin McLaren, 52, become sentenced to 11 years on Tuesday after being observed responsible for persuading inclined sufferers to sign over their houses as a part of a £1.6 million belongings fraud scheme.

He turned into determined guilty in May of 29 prices following a tribulation on the High Court in Glasgow, which commenced in September 2015, and heard evidence over 320 days.

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McLaren’s wife Lorraine, fifty-one, became sentenced to two-and-a-1/2 years after being discovered responsible of charges regarding a fraudulent mortgage software on their personal domestic.

Prosecutors stated McLaren preyed on vulnerable people and organized for the identify deeds in their homes to be transferred to his pals without the victims’ expertise.

Police raid a house in Quarrier’s Village near Bridge of Weir as part of their research into Edward McLaren’s £1.6m property fraud
Police raid a house in Quarrier’s Village near Bridge of Weir as a part of their research into Edward McLaren’s £1.6m property fraud CREDIT: ALASDAIR MACLEOD/DAILY RECORD
McLaren, a financial adviser, placed advertisements in the national press for corporations presenting property answers.

Targeting human beings in economic distress due to their own family bereavement, debt, or infection, the fraudster might both offer to shop for their home or lend them money to clear their money owed.

In return, he could receive what he claimed was element-share ownership of their belongings. But in reality, their properties were being transferred wholesale to others’ names, which means they misplaced the title deeds to their homes.

Although McLaren could drip-feed his sufferer’s cash, they never acquired the quantity they had been expecting.

Simultaneously, the fraudster enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle, shopping for four automobiles, which include a Bentley, and occurring holidays in Dubai, police stated.


One victim Marion McAlinden, 51, defined the fraudster from Glasgow as “the lowest of the low.”

She stated McLaren left her life in tatters after she agreed to promote him her £ hundred,000 flat but acquired just £20,000 in go back.

Ms. McAlinden said: “He ruined my lifestyles. I need to look him in cellular with absolutely nothing because’s what he did to me.

“It makes me sense unwell to suppose that he had all my money and become spending it on himself.”

\Lord Stewart brought: “It appears your motivation was too comfortable price range from loan creditors to fund a prosperous lifestyle.”

In mitigation, McLaren’s defense lawyer Mark Moir stated his patron, who maintained his innocence, became a first-time perpetrator and that the trial period had contributed to mental health troubles.

Lorraine McLaren’s lawyer Kevin McCallum stated her husband had a “controlling position in financial subjects.”

He stated there was no proof she became worried in defrauding prone human beings and described Edwin McLaren as the “using pressure” of the scheme.

McLaren and his spouse, of Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, have been stuck after police research related to up to a hundred officials observed a massive fraudulent scheme, with 29 homes acting at the indictment.

Prosecutors stated McLaren had proven no remorse and maintained a pretense that he became merely assisting humans.

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