The Traits of the Best Real Estate Agents

The Traits of the Best Real Estate Agents

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Whether you are looking to become a real estate agent, hire a real estate agent, or work with one, it is important to know the traits that make a real estate agent go from okay to extraordinary. Below are a few things to look for when hiring/working with a real estate agent or traits to strive to have if you plan to become a real estate.

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A great real estate agent should be able to work with others easily. Often time, real estate agents will work as a part of a team or manage a team. An interview with Paul Daneshrad explains that real estate companies with good cooperation and management skills help a company become more successful. After all, if a real estate agent cannot get along with their team members, how are they supposed to get along well with clients?


There is no saying how many clients a real estate agent will be working with at one time. Each building that a real estate agent hopes to sell will come with mounds of paperwork. The better-organized all of the documents are, the faster a real estate agent can work with the clients. Being organized also reduces the chances of misplacing important documents. Real estate agents would do well to have both hard and digital copies of all of their paperwork. Keep these in organized folders both on and offline. This little trick can make working go by much more smoothly.


Misunderstandings are the last thing any client wants from their real estate agent. For this reason, real estate agents should make sure that they phrase their words very carefully. It is also best not to give out prices or other numbers that the agent is not entirely sure about. In these cases, it is better to tell a client that you will get back to them with the information than trying to remember and risk giving them incorrect information. Calling to ask another team member is also a good idea.

A good real estate agent needs to know how to talk to their clients and work well with others. Staying organized is also key. Real estate agents don’t need to have a perfect memory, so long as they know where to find their paperwork and remember when to ask for help. Work on these skills if you plan on becoming a real estate agent. Look for these skills in someone if you are hiring or working with a real estate agent.

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