How Does Understanding ‘Big Data Tools’ Affect Your Business For The Better?

How Does Understanding ‘Big Data Tools’ Affect Your Business For The Better?

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Businesses nowadays stand to benefit immensely from big data. In fact, there is no single business today that lacks data. With this wave, smart businesses have a kill. If your business is yet to pick on the big data wave, here is how your understanding of big data tools affects your business for the better.

How Does Understanding 'Big Data Tools' Affect Your Business For The Better? 1


Business Intelligence

In the past, businesses generated little to no data. During this time, even the limited SQL storage was insufficient to handle the volume of data involved. Currently, businesses using big data tools can generate more data. They also can store large volumes of structured and unstructured data. In this age and era, businesses generate more data that is useful in marketing and targeting. Additionally, they have plenty of storage to store customer data, consumer behavior, and preferences. This is how these big data tools affect your business for the better.

Apache Hadoop

This Java-based software helps your business to store large amounts of customer data in a cluster. Critical consumer insight like buying behavior, product recommendation, and information can be stored. The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) helps businesses sort big data files and distribute them across many nodes in a cluster. To ensure big data availability every time for analysis, the Apache Hadoop replicates data in a cluster.


Companies are often challenged with the possibility of storing big data files. These may be critical customer records and other business insights. While conventional data storage means are costlier, this big data tool bridges the gap. Similarly, the NoSQL tool stores both structured and unstructured data all in one place. The availability of this data is also fast and secure. Businesses can, therefore, quit worrying about the security or availability of their data.

Microsoft HDInsight

This big data from Microsoft is powered by Apache Hadoop. Available as a cloud service, it could also efficiently run on Spark and Kafka using Azure HDInsight. Using the Microsoft Blob as the default storage, this tool helps to manipulate big data clusters to allow you to scale up or down. The additional benefit of these big data tools is they integrate effortlessly with Data Lakes and Data Factory. This enables the business to have more data to extract analytics from. Its Azure Virtual Network helps to protect and encrypt your data assets. The encryption also ensures the safety and restricted access to your Azure Active Directory and data.


This distributed data management for Hadoop gives businesses access to big data through SQL-like query options. It provides a platform where you could mine useful business insight to better understand your customers, products, and consumer behavior. Businesses that used SQL in the past will find HSQL a breeze. This SQL-like query language ensures you access valuable business insight necessary to take you to the next level.

Big Data in Excel 2013

Excel has provided data analysis services for quite a long time. If you are conversant with excel data analysis, you could link your Excel 2013 to Apache Hadoop for more data. Here, you are sure to gain access to more detailed data and insights. This data helps you to become more targeted in your marketing. It also helps you know about the dynamic consumer behavior, what they want, and their current taste.


In an age where all businesses have data floating around, this data can be stored, analyzed, and applied to benefit a business. To maximize success, smart businesses take advantage of the big data tools. These tools enable the businesses to optimize the available data and leverage existing data elsewhere for more productivity. Big data tools also happen to be some of the most cost-effective storage options available.

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