Things to Pack for a Day at the Beach

Things to Pack for a Day at the Beach

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Travelling to a beach is a pleasurable activity, especially when the temperatures are moderate, the sun is shining, or you want to spend quality time with friends or family on the weekend.

Who doesn’t want to build sandcastles, bask in the sun, swim and throw splashing water, fly kites and play games at the beach?

But before you head towards the beach with kids, you cannot merely take sunscreens, beach towels and flip flops. You must consider some items that you can carry along for a perfect day at the beach:

#Goggles and Glares

Most of the people visit beaches to bask in the sun and read novels. Sunlight is essential for eyes, but an excess of exposure can damage the sensitive cells and can cause colour blindness.

People can wear shady glares to protect their eyes from harmful sun rays that include UV rays. You can exempt from getting dark circles too.

These glares can be worn even when you are playing volley-ball with your teammates for a better view.

You can buy glares from optical designers who can also provide you with frames that suit your face.


Just like eyes, the skin is sensitive too. You don’t want to go to a beach with a happy mood only to come home with sunburns and disappointment.

Always carry sunscreen with higher SPF in your handbag when you are going to the beach as it shields the skin and protects it from sunburns, rashes and cancerous cells. Countless companies sell sunscreens with different range of SPFs according to the skin type:

  • Lakme
  • Neutrogena
  • Nivea

You can count on your favourite brands apart from the sunscreens mentioned above.

#First Aid Kit

It’s always good to be prepared for ailments and injuries apart from carrying glares and sunscreens.

When you are taking children along with you who run around on the beach, play with their friends’, they can become victim to minor injuries.

Keep a first aid kit in your car or bag that you carry; it can include bandages, ointments, bug spray, cotton pads, prescribed medicines etc.


A person engages in various activities on the beach – running, playing, jogging, swimming that increases their appetite so one can carry snacks along with them.

You cannot carry too many snacks on the beach, but the bite-size snacks can be kept in the zip lock bags.

If you plan on to take sandwiches on the beach, cut it into quarters so that if one piece falls, you are still left with the plenty.

#Carry your Water Bottle

Don’t forget to carry a water bottle to the beach since you will feel thirsty after spending quality time in different activities.

Sometimes the water bottles are quite expensive on beaches, save money and carry your water bottle,

Put more ice in the container because when it melts, you can still drink cold water.


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