4 Most Common Reasons People Break Up

4 Most Common Reasons People Break Up

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When people initially fall in love, they have the best intentions in mind. They’re excited about their future and are ready to take on their love affair head-on. Rarely do people start a relationship expecting doom and a broken heart. All they see is a happy love story that they are thrilled to take part in. However, for most people, these love affairs eventually come to an end. Although most people would like to stay with someone forever, it is rare to see relationships that last that long.

When it comes to why these relationships wthatstarted out so hot come to an eventual grinding halt, here are the most common reasons


Money is one of those subjects which can turn the kindest of people into a greedy child. Since money is one of the biggest forces in this world, people can be very particular about it. They may be perfectly calm in most areas of their lives, however when they start talking about money with their partner things can quickly go sour. When two people start to combine their finances together, such as taking out a loan as a couple, sharing expenses, and even financing a wedding, it can start to bring out the stress in each other. Some couples simply don’t see eye to eye on matters of money and start to quarrel so much about it that it kills their entire romance.



Jealousy is the silent killer of relationships. When a person radiates an insecurity about the other, then it can start to shut down their closeness. Rather than focusing on their connection, they start to only obsess about their connection with others. Before you know it, they’ve lost their closeness altogether. It’s important to be honest with your partner about any feelings of jealousy that come up. However, if your partner reassures you and gives you no indication that they aren’t loyal, then you should try to work through these feelings and let it go. Otherwise, you could sabotage your relationship.


Some people just can’t stand being wrong. They insist on being right and can’t imagine giving up their righteousness for a single moment. Unfortunately, when you pair two people together who are like this, it can start to create unnecessary bickering about completely trivial things. It’s important to let your partner be right sometimes, even if it feels frustrating. The moment you let go of constantly having to be right, the more you will enjoy your relationships.

Lack of Common Interests

Regardless of physical attraction, if two people don’t have similar interests, it can start to ruin their relationship over time. It’s important to find common interests which you enjoy doing together. Otherwise, you’re just two people from different planets.

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