4 Times When Time Matters

4 Times When Time Matters

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You live by the clock, and you die by the clock. Well, maybe everything isn’t that serious! But, there are parts of your life and sequences of events that will illustrate how important the concept of time is. Especially for those who don’t like to pay attention to details, time can feel like it’s slipping through your fingers, so you need a plan for keeping on track. A few classic examples of where time matters on a holistic scale include when you have injuries preventing work if you plan on keeping a job or relationship going, cooking things correctly, and what percentage of your life is spent sleeping.

Injuries Preventing Work

They say time is money. And if you get injured at work, that directly translates to a loss of money for you, for your company, and translates to a loss in value for the eventual customer. Injuries preventing work can be everything from carpal tunnel issues if you work in administrative offices to back, shoulder, and neck pain if you work doing more manual labor, to everything in between where some aspect of injury prevents you from working. If you think hard about it, you can see the financial loss as you look at your injured parts and pieces.


Keeping a Job or a Relationship Going

Would you like to know a great way to get fired? Don’t show up on time for work. Would you like to know a great way to lose your primary relationship? Agree to meet somewhere at a specific time, and then don’t show up. People use the excuse that they’re not good about time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t figure your habits out and work backward so that you can prevent it from becoming an issue.


Good cooks often have a natural sense of timing. But if you don’t fit in that category, you have to know how long to cook things. Part of this is for food safety, and another part is just so your meal doesn’t end up tasting gross. The other big timing issue in cooking is making sure that you have all of your components prepared to not have the entire meal ready in a synchronized manner.


One final issue that illustrates your relationship with time is going to be concerning sleep. People use it as a badge of honor if they say they don’t have to sleep for very long. However, study after study shows that people are happier and operate more efficiently when they get enough Dreamtime. Try out a few various schedules and see how you feel the best to determine your own best number of sleep hours.

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