Mesquite Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Child Sex Trafficking

Mesquite Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Child Sex Trafficking

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A Mesquite guy was sentenced to lifestyles in federal jail for felony baby sex trafficking offenses.
Martavious Degree Banks Keys, 34, also referred to as “Cheese” and “Matt,” turned into convicted of counts of infant sex trafficking and one be counted of intercourse trafficking through force, fraud or coercion.
Beginning in March 2015, Keys placed business sex advertisements on Backpage.Com for 2 women, a long time 14 and 15, in keeping with the Department of Justice. The women then participated in commercial sex acts in Keys’ domestic and at lodges.
Keys saved all the cash from industrial intercourse clients and spent it on various things, along with a Chevrolet Tahoe.

Mesquite Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Child Sex Trafficking 1

Keys bodily and sexually assaulted the girls, threatened each of them with damage, and threatened one in every of them with a gun, prosecutors stated.




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