Getting Your New Kitten to Trust You

Getting Your New Kitten to Trust You

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Sometimes when you bring in a new kitten, you expect them to be friendly with you. Cat’s are not so much different than us humans, and hence, kitten’s just like kid’s, can’t trust its owner in the first look. It takes some time for them to get friendly with you, and come to you for affection. Some of the kittens are very affectionate from the moment you take them to your home, but sometimes, they are very scared and shy. In fact, they’ll want to shy into the corner, or hide in a closet as soon as they see you. But, there is nothing to feel bad if your kitten behaves this way, though, there are some things that you can do enhance the trust of those little fur balls.

  • The first thing that you can do, is to give this frightened kitten what he wants. It needs a personal space, give it that. Place the kitten in to a room, where there are virtually no hiding spots. The room should be free of other pets, and should have no climbing spots, because a cat can actually climb in to very small places, since they are very flexible. If the kitten is too small, it is always better to keep them in a cage, which would have room for the kitten to play around a bit. You can also keep a small box, in the cage, so that the kitten may get in to it, when it needs a little privacy. Moreover, cover the cage half with a towel or a piece of cloth, so that they feel safer.
  • Cats love food, no matter how small they are. If your kitten is not friendly with you, and is grumpy all the time, possibilities are it needs more food. Sometimes, if they are also not hungry, they will appreciate a small treat. Therefore, what you can do is, you can leave small pieces of food all the time in its plate. Do not stare on its food, to check out that if it’s eating or not. They do not like people staring at them. Slowly start giving them food, through your hands. Once they are comfortable with it, they’ll start loving you. 



  • If the kitten is shy and frightened, then it is not always advisable that you star touching it as soon as you get it home. To treat this shyness from the kitten, you must follow the animal rule. You shouldn’t stare at it, since, for animals staring generally is a predatory behavior. If you need to see it lovingly, then blink a lot in between seeing it, and turn your head from it after seeing it for some moment. After he has been in a secluded room for two or three days, try touching it. If it doesn’t like your touch maybe, use a back scratcher to scratch its back. This will enhance the trust.
  • Don’t rush the interaction with the kitten. Start with a less interaction time, and gradually increase it. Try to interact with the kitten initially for two three hours a day, and then increase it gradually with time. While you are trying to interact with the kitten, use a toy, so that it gets attracted to you.

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