5 Ways To Overcome A Bad Blog Launch

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Setting up a blog is a big project. It takes lots of hard work and courage to put yourself out there in front of everyone. You probably started off very excited and were looking forward to the official launch. It’s normal for blogs to not do so well in the beginning. Remember, it takes time to build an audience and for people to start recognizing who you are and where to find you. The best strategy for you is to not give up. Think about all you did right and parts about your blog that you love. See these five ways to overcome a bad blog launch.

Rethink Your Niche & Topic

Consider your niche, topic, and target audience. Think about if there’s really a need you’re filling or if it’s simply an area you enjoy covering. On the other hand, maybe you weren’t focused enough and are trying to do it all. This is a good time to do a little research and figure out exactly where your focus needs to be.


Design a Logo

Take a look at your blog and see if you think the design is catchy enough. It may be missing important elements like a logo. The best part is that it’s easy to create one with DIY logos. Like most small businesses, you need a great logo design to capture potential readers’ hearts and minds. The online logo design tool innovates where others are incomplete. The tool also allows you, the user, to enjoy a high-quality logo design that doesn’t break the budget.

Get on Social Media

If you’re not already, create and launch pages on social media focused on your blog. Decide which platforms will be best for your content and skills. Start connecting and engaging with your audience and finding out what they’re liking and not liking about your particular blog. Share posts to drive them back to your website and publish share buttons on your blog posts.

Spend Time on Content

One area you may have missed the boat on is your content. Launching a blog is all about what’s on your website and if it’s valuable. Always post high-quality content that the reader can embrace. Take your time and write pieces that are informative and entertaining. Go back and edit the posts you already published, so they’re in better form.

Stay Positive

While your spirits may be down, this isn’t the time to throw in the towel. Stay positive and know that your blog will improve as you put more work into it. Remember that it’s a work in progress, and each day is a chance to make it better than before. Take note of all the compliments you’ve received so far and the positive feedback.


Be proud of yourself for launching a blog in the first place. The rest will come in time, and you’ll be glad you didn’t quit. These are five ways to overcome a bad blog launch.

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