What Are the 9 Different Types of Percs?

What Are the 9 Different Types of Percs?

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What Are the 9 Different Types of Percs? 1

You’ll probably learn about the Percolator inside any water pipe before you buy it, showerhead, UFO, etc. What precisely are the various percolator types, and why do they matter?

In this article, we’ll go in-depth on percolators, including why they’re important, what to look for, and how they affect your water pipe experience. We’ll weed out all the rubbish you’ve heard about percolators, and in no time, you’ll be bursting with knowledge.

What Is the Percolator’s Mechanism?

It’s made of glass which contains extra elements, including metal pieces, that improve their appearance and functionality. Not just the cannabis sector uses percolators.

Additionally, coffee percolators, which function similarly and resemble percolators for coffee, are easy to confuse with them.

All bongs have bubbles, a common feature that filters the smoke differently. Typically found at the bottom of these bongs, these percolators aid in filtration improvement and smoke cooling. The filtration system of water cleans the bong.

9 Different Types of Percolators

1. Vertical/Downstem Shooter

The vertical shooter percolator is the simplest type of Percolator. It does the primary task of burning smoke, making it considerably smoother and lighter. In this style of Percolator, the downstream and shooter are removable.

2. Tree Percolators

To filter down the smoke, tree percolators which are little vertical tubes that have been slit together. The basic idea behind tree percolators is that the more vertical tubes there are, the more smoke is filtered and smoothed down.

3. Honeycomb Percolators

What Are the 9 Different Types of Percs? 2

One of the various percolator designs is the honeycomb percolator. It is more robust than the other percolators and has a great design that works nicely.

You will see a glass disc in which many holes are present. Smoke pushes through gaps, resulting in fewer bubbles and a faster cooling rate, giving you a smoother outcome.

They deliver a wonderful experience and are dependable and robust. They offer minimal draw resistance while breaking the smoke into tiny bubbles. The drawback of honeycomb percolators is that they need to be cleaned frequently.

4. Matrix Percolators

The bong’s center has a large collection of showerhead percolators. Among the various percolators are matrix percolators. By doing this, the bong will shake.

Because there are so many holes, the water is sparkling, has superior filtration, and looks good.

5. Turbine Percolator

Consider purchasing a Turbine percolator if you enjoy watching your smoke perform exciting feats as you smoke. Although it looks like a standard slitted disc, closer inspection reveals that the tiny holes are slanted rather than vertical or horizontal. This filters the smoke while also causing it to whirl like a tornado in the bong’s neck.

6. Coil Percolator

What Are the 9 Different Types of Percs? 3

By far the most complex of the percolators, the coil percolator can be a genuine glass coil with two apertures at the bottom of a glycerin coil. Both are excellent for diffusion, but glycerin coils may be frozen for an incredibly fresh hit.

7. Swiss Percolator

In terms of design, the Swiss Percolator stands out without a doubt. Glassworkers drilled Swiss cheese-like holes into bong bodies to mimic bullet holes. The smoke is broken down by forcing the airflow around these apertures, and the drag is reduced. This category typically includes Fab Egg-style bongs.

8. Donut Percolators

A donut recycler functions similarly to a Fab egg recycler, only in a donut form. Like this Donut matrix mix, other percolators may be built into the frames of recyclers like the Fab and Donut.

9. Dome Percolators

What Are the 9 Different Types of Percs? 4

On the bottom of this Percolator is a little dome. The bong’s dome is perforated or has several tiny holes. The bong then emits smoke that covers the water. They direct smoke into a distinct water column using a large dome. Moreover, numerous designs employ triangular domes with variously positioned holes or openings.

What Percolator Has the Best Smoothness?

  • Three elements affect the smoothness of the Percolator. They are cleanliness, percolator count, and diffusion.
  • The amount of bubbles the Percolator produces is called diffusion. A smoother hit results from more bubbles. That’s why excellent diffusion is provided by tree percolator, matrix percolator, and honeycomb percolator.
  • Moreover, the number of percolators also impacts the hit’s smoothness. Compared to a bong with a diffused downstem, one with a tree percolator performs better.
  • Another factor that affects how smooth an impact is the Percolator’s cleanliness. People love honeycomb percolators because they easily clean up and pleasantly diffuse.


To sum up, I will say that every Percolator has its qualities and prices. One should pick up according to its interest. Moreover, I think the matrix percolator is best of all with refinement qualities. Before purchasing any of it, know its pros and cons.

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