How to Make Your WordPress Website Error Free

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WordPress is an amazing platform for your website development. Just like any other platform, WordPress has its own pros and cons. No matter what platform you may use, you will have to face certain bugs and errors at some moment in time. One of the most common errors that we see on our screens is –“Error 403”. This error is not common for only WordPress users but for all platform users.


To find a solution for any error, we need to find the reason for what is causing it. The main reason behind this 403 error is – the difficulty with getting several permissions on the platform. This means that there is a bug that is not letting you access your files or data properly. This error generally occurs when the user tries to open a web page that you cannot view. That is why; a message appears along with it – “You are not permitted to access this server.” It mainly occurs because of improper permit settings. Being an administrator on WordPress, you have complete access to all files after their installation, but sometimes some permits are wrongly set, which creates trouble in the future.

Some causes that can lead to Error 403 –

  • Sometimes, the securities plug-in on WordPress is too strict at blocking the IP addresses to protect the user’s website. This can cause the error 403.
  • If your folders or files have been modified, then this error can occur.

Now comes the time to heal your WordPress from this error 4043. It is suggested to always maintain a backup of your site, which can be used if something goes wrong.


Ways to get rid of this error –

  1. Plug-in Settings – Since you can access the dashboard, try to go to the Plug-in settings and then choose the disable option to halted the high-security plug-in. But, if you cannot reach the plug-in settings, you need the help of the FTP or File Transfer Protocol to manage your folders and files. With this, you can transfer data without any browser.
  2. Check File Permits –For this, Visit your WordPress folders and files to check the currently enabled permissions. You need to reset the permission settings as per your requirement and then save and update them.

This will help in getting rid of the WordPress bugs and the error 403, too. Error 403 can be easily managed; it is not a big headache. You just need basic knowledge, and with that, you can easily deal with it without any troubles. So, the next time you’ll see this error on your screens, just check out your plug-in settings, create a fresh one. htaccess file or update your WordPress permits, and it will be solved soon! is the most secure and efficient means for the installation and maintenance of WordPress. Some errors can be fixed by users, too, as WordPress is user-friendly in nature. Sometimes, it’s natural to face a few errors. Another common error that you can face is the difficulty in setting up a database connection. It is a tricky error because it can be caused by many reasons. And as said earlier, to sort out the error first, you need to find the major cause behind it.

The above screenshot is an example of how a database on WordPress looks like. It’s a collection of information and works as a background element to help the users to interact normally. It is important to have a database to work on WordPress, and if an installer cannot connect to the database, then WordPress will not be able to configure and use it. The database contains your usernames, passwords, social media data, and every WordPress post details. It even contains all the comments and tags, and posts that are available on your site. So, every time the user reloads the WordPress page, a connection is set up to the database to receive information displayed on the screens. Thus, without setting up a connection, your site won’t work at all!

Causes for error in setting up a connection –

Corrupted – Sometimes, when a specific file ceases to work unexpectedly, the database is said to be corrupted. For example, when you try to open a file but a page of weird symbols pop up. In such a situation, it is said that the database is corrupted.

The server is down – Many times, the site cannot secure a strong connection with the database because of the server. It might be because at that time sever must be facing a lot of traffic.

Wrong credentials – A database is a storehouse of significant data. Therefore you need the correct credentials to access such sensitive information. So, if someone has changed or deleted your credentials, you will not be able to set up a connection with your database.

How can one fix such errors to establish a connection with the database in WordPress?

Here are some steps that can help you –

Use the WordPress repair facilities – You can try the WordPress repair feature to fix the corrupted database files. Try to run a troubleshoot and then choose the “solve the error” feature to fix it.

Re-try – If the server is busy, you should try again to secure a database connection in WordPress.

Update your credentials–If you cannot secure a database connection because you are entering old credentials. For this, go back to the 000webhost control panel to check your database settings. You’ll find a DB name field, copy your file name. You will also find your username there only; save that too. Now, press the manage key, then the change password option, and set up your new password. It should work properly after this.

Backup – When nothing helps, the best option is to use your backup to restore your site, and you’re back to WordPress.

Thus, errors are scary. They are just a little tricky, of course. Every bug has a fix & when it comes to WordPress errors – it is a very renowned platform, so its issues and solutions are easily available worldwide!

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