Tips on How to Securely Dispose Of Your Old Phone

Tips on How to Securely Dispose Of Your Old Phone

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With advancements in technology, devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets continue to advance with astonishing features. These advancements greatly allure the users and urge them to buy new technology as and when it arises. The desire to use new devices often leads to the disposal of old gadgets. But, discarding the old handsets is not easy. You have been storing both personal, business data on it and simply passing it on to others or throwing them in the electronic garbage fears you. The primary concerns are how do I safely dispose of my old smartphone? To make it easier, read some facts stated below. Surely they will lessen your worries about discarding old gadgets from your house.

1.Removal of SIM Cards:

That tiny micro-processing chip that connects you with the network services has the tendency to store the contact information. While the carrier information is public in nature, the call logs and contact details are highly secured. Therefore before you put it away with your handset, be sure to remove the SIM card from the tiny slot of your phone.

2.Backup your Files on Hard Drives:

Sometimes data is required for prolonged periods of time, and it is not that easy to do away with smartphones because it contains all the credentials. Hence before you think of discarding your tech device, bear in mind to back it up on multiple disk drives. Storing data on hard disks can be easily transferred and is portable in nature. Further, if you lose data on hard drives, you can effortlessly recover it with various data recovery services.

3.Format the Phone Memory:

Nowadays, phones have built-in storage capacities. With innovations in technology, you can store chunks of data on your mobile devices. Therefore, when you are changing your device, make sure to create a backup of your data or transfer it to some external storage device from where you can easily restore it at a later stage. Thereafter, clear your phone’s memory, or you can reset it to factory settings. Depending on the type of phone you are using, take proper steps to format the data stored on it.

4.Encrypt the Android Phone:

Before erasing the data from your phone, learn about its operating system. Certainly, systems like marshmallow and later do not require data encryption. Data encryption makes it difficult to recover data. To securely remove data from your Android devices, go to device settings, select system or security and then select encrypt data.

5.Erase Data From iPhone:

iPhones differ from androids in the sense they do not require data encryption at the time of disposal. Simply resetting an iPhone before discarding it permanently erases the data from it. Data removal from apple or blackberry devices is faster and automatic as compared to Android systems.

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