How can I safely recycle my old PCs?

How can I safely recycle my old PCs?

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The rapid advancements made each day in technology (and thus, its associated devices) are tremendous as well as alarming. There is a continuous run for newer, technically supported, and advanced models among people of all ages. Kids want the latest gaming gadgets, office goers need the most advanced computers, companies look forward to maintaining a pool of updated versions of PCs at their workplace to keep up with the progressing industry demands and trends. Thereby giving rise to disposing of the large chunk of older PC models to be replaced by tech-savvy, modern pieces.

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The companies or individuals who offer PC recycling aim to reuse several useful components from the old computers in fabricating the newer ones. And in this way, it contributes enormously towards protecting the environment from unforeseen threats from e-waste generation. Similarly, we individuals can effectively contribute to the environment and local community by engaging in PC recycling.

What all can you use from your older PCs?

That old, obsolete, and basic model of your PCs, which is bound for its doom soon, can still be used in unimaginable ways. Did you ever think of fitting your old CD/DVD drive into your new model for free? Or, using the glass and plastic monitors which are still in perfect condition? How about putting to use the older hard drive for an extra storage spot rather than destroying it?

The list goes on and on. The difference is made just by taking one step forward and deciding to adopt an approach that encourages recycling instead of simply replacing the old (yet useful) PCs.

Points to be taken care of before giving out your PCs for recycling:

  • You must back up and then properly delete any personal data saved on your PC (including your work spreadsheets, emails, and messages).
  • Keep special attention on all passwords, addresses and phone numbers, medical information, tax returns, account numbers, confidential numbers required for software programs, etc.
  • Be sure that you have deleted (and overwritten) all of it- even the files you had once hidden under application directories. You could use a free disk eraser for complete assurance.
  • Remember to de-register yourself from all programs installed on the PC that may save your personal account information.
  • Ensure the PC recycler puts your device to the best use possible
  • Selecting the right recycler for your PC model can sometimes be tricky. But a simple Google search for the same will offer PC recycling joints at one single click.
  • Try and reuse basic computer parts such as keyboards, speakers, mice, printers, etc.

Just be sure that you find a good recycler who is willing to offer PC recycling services at minimal prices to serve yourself, the community, and the environment in an eco-friendly manner.

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