Taiwan-designed computer now part of an ISS mission

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A PC designed in Taiwan become despatched to the International Space Station (ISS) for trying out for an extended time period settlement, a Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology legit has confirmed.
The SG100 Cloud Computer changed into designed by using the institute after NASA opened the agreement for the PC to worldwide bids, and it’s far capable of performing cloud-based totally computations and upgrading itself for the duration of area missions, the reliable said.
NASA selected the PC for its OA-7 assignment after it surpassed the US space company’s critiques with a perfect rating, the reliable brought.
NASA released the OA-7 task on April 18 to deliver the gas station with an Orbital ATK rocket, and the SG100’s components had been protected in the cargo for meeting at the station.

Taiwan-designed computer now part of an ISS mission 1
If the SG100 passes a six-month discipline trial, the institute might be shrunk by means of NASA to design its next-generation area assignment computers, the professional said.
The SG100 Cloud Computer software turned into a joint effort through the Institute, Academia Sinica, and National Central University.
The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research and the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s Lin-Kuo Branch allowed the design crew to use their particle accelerator to check the PC’s performance in space-like situations.
“Data generated by way of making plans, design, analysis and simulation duties involved within the procedure had all been evaluated by way of NASA specialists… The final product becomes then subjected to NASA’s rigorous environmental trying out, which the SG100 handed flawlessly,” the respectable said.




The layout team worked with NASA at the computer utilized by the gap station’s alpha magnetic spectrometer (AMS), a computer that has been in use at the station for the reason that 2001.
The AMS assignment becomes headed through Nobel laureate Samuel Ting, a Taiwanese-American physicist, who become also involved in the improvement of the SG100.
The OA-7 task is to contain 4 key experiments, such as testing of the SG100.
The institute last year announced that it changed into constructing a lunar lander for NASA’s Resource Prospector Mission, which aims to be the first mining excursion on the moon in the early 2020s.
The lunar lander is expected to be completed through next yr and the venture is anticipated to be launched in the early 2020s — if it’s miles given the inexperienced mild, Institute officials stated in July closing year.
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