5 Differences between a Freight Forwarder and a Moving Company

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Whenever moving any large shipment out of the country, it’s important to take external help and hire a secondary transportation company that you can trust. There’s normally a lot of delusion over what kind of company can handle what types of shipping. Now, let’s get on to discuss the 5 differences between a freight forwarder and a moving company.

1. Movers handle ground-only shipping

Moving companies are safe and sound to choose for moving your personal effects, especially when they don’t have to move across any national borders. A moving company can pack, prepare, and load your goods into trucks or shipping containers for international shipping.

2. Movers usually hand off international shipping to a Third-Party Logistics Company

The mover will fasten the freight forwarder’s fee to your final bill, generally with a mark-up so they can get a turnover from coordinating the shipment with another vendor.


3. Freight Forwarders handle international regulations and paperwork

The toughest part of international moving, which may or may not sound believable, isn’t the distance. Your shipment will successfully get through many regulatory checkpoints and fulfill the constantly-changing maritime and customs authorities’ constantly-changing requirements as it travels from origin to destination.

4. Logistics Companies are licensed

The Federal Maritime Commission takes control and regulates imports and exports and licenses these companies to assist with all of the permissions and paperwork convoluted with international shipping. Movers are typically not licensed unless they also provide specialized services, which is not a common thing

5. Movers handle personal items

In common, but by no means without concession, movers ship personal or residential items, and freight forwarders manage commercial goods. Therefore, if you are merely moving your personal effects from one country to another, you may be able to get by with just an international mover, but always make sure they have international packing experience.

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