5 Snow Removal Tips That You Never Knew

5 Snow Removal Tips That You Never Knew

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While some people eagerly wait for winters to arrive accompanied by snowflakes, for others it is a horrendous season of the year. For, the white color around your homes can be sometimes problematic. Whenever the winters arrive, people usually get terrified, finding out some ways to remove the chunks of snow, in a fastest possible manner from their boundaries.

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Snow removal is a tiring process and you cannot get out of it without hitting your back hard with pain in such shivering conditions. Further, this physical activity is time-consuming and should be taken up with great care.

While there are many ways to remove the snow, even the easiest way can baffle the mind of folks and demand a lot of time and physical efforts. Of course, there are., but you need to work smart, not hard. While you can always hire a snow removal contractor, sometimes DIY solutions work just as good.

Simplify your task with these 5 snow removal tips and prevent your spines from getting hit hard in this snowy season.

  1. Cooking Sprays can Work

Yes, cooking sprays are one of the easiest ways to get rid of snow in no time. In case you are dealing with light snow and your access is restricted to only shovels, you can make use of some cooking spray to make the task relatively easier.

Spraying the shovel will make it effortless to move through the snow without sticking to it. This way, you can work much faster.

  1. Salt has Its Uses too

Common salt is the most common de-icer that can be used and is easily available in any home. Just spread it over before or after the snow falls and sit and watch as the snow slowly melts away over the buildup. Make sure that you use it in moderation as its excessive use can damage the actual surface. And also, the common salt will be useless when the snow temperature crosses 12F.

If you are dealing with big piles of snow on a regular basis, it is best to use salt that is specifically made for deicing. Rock salt or common salt tends to damage the concrete or paint surfaces too.

  1. Bring Out that Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers can be used to blow away the snow provided the cover is light and fluffy. It’s an easy and quick way to clear our slippery driveways or stairs. It’s also good to clean out cars.

But keep in mind that leaf blowers will only work when the snow is light-fluffy in nature. Heavier snow should always be dealt with a snow blower.

  1. Use a Snow Blower

If snow cover buildups are regular in your area then you should invest in a snow blower. These tools are specially designed machines that can remove snow in a quick and efficient manner.

They can be used in an effective, best manner when the snow is very wet, heavy and spread across large areas. But you should be very careful when operating it as even the slightest contact with the moving parts can result in serious injuries.

  1. Remove it Often

You should remove and clean the snow as often as possible. Don’t let the snow pile up in form of a pyramid and then think of cleaning it. Instead, try managing few inches of every day and see how easier it becomes to remove it rather than plowing out a huge pyramid of snow. Nothing is worse than having heaps of snow in areas it shouldn’t be when the temperatures warm up.

This will definitely keep the snow manageable and avoid it from building up and ice over time.


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