Three Ways Technology is Evolving Traditional Business Models

Three Ways Technology is Evolving Traditional Business Models

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Human innovation has shaped the very face of this planet. For the first time in the earth’s history, we have caused such significant changes that geologists refer to this era as the Anthropocene. Every single advancement was created with some benefit in mind, and as we collaborate and as our resources become greater and our computers faster, so too will more inventions and innovations come to pass. How these innovations will affect the business sector will vary, but it is important to know how they can affect the future of even the most established businesses so that you as an entrepreneur can better prepare your company for the future:

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Personalization Tools Within the Retail Industry

Sustainably has become a huge topic within the fashion industry in the last two years, and, while many companies are working on creating sustainable materials, other luxury brands are looking into personalization tech that will shape the future. Coach, for example, are allowing you to customize your own luxury bag, allowing for greater control and personalization than ever before. As the fashion industry innovates and uses technology to its fullest potential, more customization options will be introduced.

Better Healthcare Service

Of course, when it comes to innovation, nowhere does it better than the healthcare industry. Millions of dollars poured into research every year from hospitals and research institutions alike, and advancements and new technologies are adopted and implemented in hospitals every year. One notable way that this industry is evolving is through its tech and customer service. Medical Device Engineering is critical to the success of healthcare, and the more readily available these devices become, the more affordable they are to medical practices everywhere. DeviceLab, in particular, is working on providing medical establishments with diagnostic and patient service devices that they create from concept to commercialization. It is companies like them that drive the medical industry forward and provide patients all across the country with better healthcare every day, from more effective diagnoses to better treatment, to even better patient service.

Green Energy Initiatives

With the Sustainable Development Goals underway, and many countries working hard on reducing their carbon emissions, it is no wonder that the more polluting industries in the world have to change. The transportation industry, for instance, accounts for over 28% of the United States’ carbon emissions. By switching from carbon producing transportation vehicles to green energy or electric options, we can reduce this impact significantly, and, with new advancements and better battery and charging systems, this reality could soon become widespread. Examples of innovations include electric transport trucks to even solar panel highways, all working together to offset the impact that the transportation industry makes.

Innovation is happening everywhere, and changes are made every day. The real changes that mean something to you, however, are the personalization, healthcare, and green energy initiatives that are all working on creating a better world for each individual. Know what is happening, and more importantly, know how you can use new technologies to better your business, and you can get ahead of your competition while also helping shape the world into a better, greener place.



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