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Taxi driver requires extensive training and certification not just in driving but also with customer service. Here we list ten customer service tips that New York taxi drivers (or, for that matter, drivers all over) must ensure:

  1. Always welcome your clients in a friendly manner. Look pleasing and warm to be approached. Greet everyone with a pleasant smile.
  2. Keep your vehicle clean – Having a clean and perfect car is an indication that you take pride in what you do. It fabricates a level of trust and influences your travelers to feel great once they are seated.
  3. Always be courteous and willing to help – Offer to help your clients with their luggage, and make certain to open and close the doors for them. This lets out impressions to your customers that they are important to you and also looks highly professional.
  4. Greet them with a simple Hello and check whether your passenger would like to continue the conversation or remain calm. If they tend to respond positively and seem interested, a simple method to begin is to ask how their day is going, or casual conversation regarding the climate, games, or things going ahead in the city. One way to initiate the conversation is by suggesting cafés or eateries.
  5. Know the Routes – The greatest method to get higher appraisals is to know all the city routes. Since all clients are focused on reaching their destination on time, having good knowledge of the city, the roads which are shut, and avoiding routes with heavy traffic are ideal ways to get good reviews from your clients. On the off chance that you do need to utilize GPS, consider minimizing the volume or utilizing headphones or a Bluetooth piece since travelers disapprove of drivers following GPS.
  6. Customers with Disabilities – Each client is exceptional, yet some have their own unique needs too. If you want to stand out from your competitors and be the most preferred, your taxi ought to be furnished with a wheelchair incline, and you should offer rebates to elderly riders.READ MORE ARTICLES : 
  7. Figure out how to relate with various types of individuals. – Being a cabbie implies that you will experience various types of individuals for the duration of the day. From the enthusiastic foreigner to the office goers who are in a surge, there are extraordinary approaches to identify with each of them and make their ride pleasant and agreeable. Know which ones would love to hear your stories and which ones would rather want to remain undisturbed.
  8. Be updated with changes in the Law – The City board likewise upholds new mandates every once in a while, so you must be refreshed with things like these. Particularly for new rules concerning the vehicle area, it could influence you as your travelers also.
  9. Follow the traffic rules and regulations – Never jump a red light. Focus on the movement signs and changes in driving conditions. Refrain from the usage of cell phones or any other electronics while driving. Always keep the safety of your customers in mind. The best strategy is to comply with all movement laws and signs.
  10. Under no situation should a driver make or take individual telephone discussions while a traveler is in the vehicle.

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