8 Tips for Funeral Planning

8 Tips for Funeral Planning

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Funerals are something that we never like to talk about. But, we all accept that it is a harsh truth. One who lives has to die at some point of time, and hence, funerals automatically comes to the scene. Planning your own funeral will make things easier for your family when you happen to die. While this may sound like a creepy death obsessed preparation, which is the reason only 21% of American likes to talk about it, it is actually not at all creepy. Not only it’s okay to plan your own funeral, but funeral planning also comes in handy, since most of us has to plan a funeral for a closed one at some point in our life.

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In this article, we will see some of the tips that will help you in planning a funeral.

Learn what’s Involved

For planning a funeral, it is really important that you know about what are the components involved in the funeral. The basic questions that you should ask yourself is, how would you like to prepare the corpse, what type of a ceremony that you would like to hold, and how would you want to handle the interment.
Lots of important decisions are involved when you want to plan a funeral. You need to decide where would you want to bury the body, in the ground or in a tomb. You also need to decide if you want the people who would be visiting he funeral would see the body or not. Obviously, it is not possible for one to remember everything related to funeral, and hence, you can search for a funeral checklist online which will help you to sort out these things.

Plan in Advance, Don’t Pay in Advance

While planning for a funeral from an earlier point of time is good, prepaying for one is not what an expert would advise. Some of the funeral homes, sometimes offer better rates if you prepay for a specific package with them years before you die. Planning for your funeral and prepaying for your funeral is something completely different, and the downside to prepaying for your funeral is the cancellation charges. For instance, you decide to move to a different state or you change plans after you have bought the plan, it completely changes everything and in the middle, you lose a whole lot of money as cancellation charge.

Average Costs

There is a local Funeral Consumers Alliance in every state or city. You can visit their website to get the list of items that one can need in a funeral and the price of each of the item. You can check out this list to make sure what each of the item costs, for instance, the cost of a casket, cost of the hearse ride to the burial grounds etc. It is important you know what each of the item costs, before you plan for your funeral.

Shop Around

According to trade commission, a funeral cost a person anywhere between $7000 and $10000. Hence, you should consider the funeral like any big investment. Just as you think a lot before investing in a car, you should also think before investing in a funeral home. Never pay the first funeral home you go to. Always go around to different funeral home, which would give you a rough perspective which is better.
It is important you take quotes from each and every funeral home you consider.
You may also search online for funeral homes near your area. Check for online reviews for that funeral home. You will get a feeling if that’s the funeral home for you.

Know Your Package

If you are buying a package from a funeral home, then make sure they give you an itemized list of what are the things that are included in the package. It is important for you to know, since you might have a completely different perspective of what you are buying, but then, when it actually happens, it might not be the same.

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