5 Amazing Tips To Design A Commercial Bar

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Designing a magnificent bar takes talent. You may not realize that designing a beautiful and functional bar is a challenge in itself. You would definitely want your guests to come again and again to experience the aura of your place. A well-planned bar incorporates various factors such as:

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  • Selection of drinks
  • The friendliness of the bartenders
  • A menu with a wide variety of drinks
  • The decor of that bar
  • Creativity and innovation

The most significant factor is the ambiance and the right vibe of that place to allow your customers to spend extra hours holding those beers and martinis in hand. Here are a few points that will guide you to design a creative bar:

1) Styling:

Start by choosing a stylish theme for your bar and create an atmosphere based on your desired clientele. If you are considering a bar with a steel mill, then next to it, you should have a gritty and no-frills interior. If your bar is located in a famous and posh area, design it with a sleek and modern look.

2) Survey:

It is always better to survey the area and the restaurants in it to help you get an idea of your future customer base. This will guide you to their likings and dislikings, i.e., what type of beverages are preferred by the people. For example, you may have to store orange juice and pomegranate juice.

3) Measurements:

Assess the measurements of the bar and design a layout for space constraints, then create a blueprint. Measure the size of cabinets, bar stools, and other equipment. Review various furniture magazines and bar furniture catalogs. Then use these measurements to plot the bar’s layout, make sure to create a space for the bartender to prepare and serve drinks. Bottles must be displayed on the glass shelves on the wall behind the bar at a width of 3 meters from the bar.

4) Decor:

Install fixtures conducive to the theme. Install components such as colored backlights and ornate cabinetry. Lights of the modern trend at the right spots can do wonders in setting the energy. Go for the right size of furniture that will not make the space look congested. Select furniture like wine cabinets, booths, tables, bar stools, or a mix of seating following the bar’s design and size.

5) Go Creative:

Select space-enhancing artwork, lighting, and music. Select chill-hop music for an upscale establishment and classic rock for a bar with a comfortable design. Experiment with lighting styles; install dimmers on each of the fixtures to control the intimacy of the space. Get a sound music system and go for band performances on particular days to pull the crowd. Experiment with music such as jazz, pop, rock, etc., and lighting styles as well. You can create events such as a stand-up comedy show, bloggers meet that will help pull the crowd from various places, and your place will become famous.

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