VLCC to take beauty services to customers’ doorstep with Vanity Cube buy

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VLCC, one among India’s largest splendor salon franchises with a network of 330 well-being centers across 14 countries, is obtaining Vanity Cube, an on-demand splendor carrier enterprise present that gives offerings in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, for an undisclosed sum.

VLCC to take beauty services to customers' doorstep with Vanity Cube buy 1
With the purchase of Vanity Cube, based by way of Renu Bisht and Pragya Upadhyay in 2014, VLCC plans to tap into the growing on-demand beauty offerings market, in which beauty salons provide services on the clients’ domestic. The Indian beauty and well-being phase is about to double to Rs 80,370 crore by 2017-18 from Rs forty-one,224 crores in 2012-13, in step with a KPMG record posted 2014. The on-demand beauty marketplace is anticipated at Rs 19,200 crores.

Vandana Luthra, the founder of VLCC, says, “This is an excellent opportunity to assist entrepreneurs like Vanity Cube in taking the next step forward. At VLCC Vanity Cube, we are absolutely impacting our services home. The lifestyle today makes humans exhausted, and after a hectic day, it’s nice if you may get some offerings at domestic.” VLCC is making plans to extend the on-demand offerings to over 10 cities within the next 18 months, provides Luthra.
In May, VLCC obtained WellScience, a nutraceutical enterprise, making access into the health quarter. Luthra follows a systematic method simultaneously as building a product or a carrier and looks after the resource and improvement, technical and schooling aspects of the organization. She is the Chairperson of the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council, subsidized utilizing the Government. She is working on regularizing the industry to create greater schooling partners, issuing licenses and BWSSC stamps to salons, a good way to put in force a scientific method and provide skilled human power at each center.

Along with this, Luthra is likewise a member of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana’s steering committee. They see a big possibility inside the splendor and well-being region to employ the youth, empower women and transgender people. VLCC has 76 vocational institutes unfold in India and Nepal, offering above 10,000 educated beauty and well-being experts every year.

VLCC, set up in 1989, has additionally released Everyuth, a hard and fast of easy and short remedies to get younger and nourished skin and Get Well Soon Packages, usually for human beings tormented by medical ailments. Asked about her products and services’ economic feasibility, she says VLCC isn’t a luxury logo, however, a ‘cozy’ brand.

Random House Dictionary defines “splendor” as a characteristic present in someone, place, object, or idea that offers a perceptual revel in of satisfaction, that means or delight to the thoughts or to the eyes, arising from sensory manifestations together with a shape, color, personality, sound, design or rhythm.


Yet no one is aware of, what are those characteristics make a thing lovely? Since splendor is based on the person’s notion, it is regularly stated that beauty lies inside the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is likewise considered the handiest pores and skin deep, which means that splendor is superficial and lacks any substance.

The contrary of beauty is unsightly i.E. What offers us a terrible feeling. When we see an unpleasant element, we simply do not love it and want to shut our sensual notion and mind from that factor. Everyone wants to see the beauty and come to be beautiful and dread to come to be ugly. While we see a stunning factor or meet a beautiful person, we simply want to hold on searching. Einstein used the concept of beauty to give an explanation for the Theory of Relativity i.E. How time can make bigger or contract

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