Tracking progress: Why regular assessments at schools are important

Tracking progress: Why regular assessments at schools are important

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While their child is at school, studying, almost every parent wonders whether his/her child is performing well or not. The primary goal behind sending kids to school is to facilitate learning, not just putting them into an environment where they compete for good marks. While most parents are rightly concerned about not pressurising their child too much, they are equally worried about their child receiving the best education that ensures a head-start in life and prepares them for all the challenges to come.

Regular assessments and evaluation form a critical aspect of learning at school since it is only through these assessments that the progress of a student can be tracked. As much as we might want to embrace the “everyone’s a winner” mentality, evaluation is nevertheless needed to determine a child’s needs and preferences.

Students today need to know not only the basic reading and arithmetic skills, but also the skills that prepare them to face the rapidly changing world. They must be able to think critically, to analyse, and make inferences. Evolution in the skill base sets new learning goals for the students, which can change the relationship between assessment and instruction.

Leading schools like Ryan International attempt to understand the role of assessments in a child’s learning, and are working towards creating a robust learning system that aids students to master their learning curve This also enables the educators in helping the parents become more informed and more involved in their kid’s progress at school.

Teachers at Ryan International School understand that imparting knowledge through a wide spectrum of academic syllabus is only half the task. Schooling would be less effective unless we enable every student to fundamentally apply life skills and navigate the seemingly endless stacks of information that he/she gathers.

Ryan’s internationally benchmarked assessment systems have been devised by leading teaching experts to ensure that every student has a basic grasp of each subject. While the school abides by the mandated requirements of various education boards (e.g. SSC, ICSE and CBSE) that it’s aligned with, constant feedback is also taken from students, teachers and parents to incorporate newer and more dynamic methods of assessment to evaluate learning levels, comprehension and cognition.

Employing a range of diagnostic tools that lead us to student profiles, keeping in mind different learning skills, speeds and aptitude, can also make assessments more constructive in nature.

Ascertaining what the students learn, helps them excel in academic performance, which is crucial to their future aspirations. Regular evaluations being the best way to achieve that, are as much a test for teachers who impart the learning, as they are for the students who self-evaluate their own comprehension of what they are taught.

A robust evaluation system not only enables students to excel as they demonstrate their academic mettle, but also makes them future ready for every challenge in life.

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