Abolish Long Distance barrier in your Business with this Super Innovation

Abolish Long Distance barrier in your Business with this Super Innovation

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We all know the benefits of VoIP and why a virtual phone number is necessary. A VoIP phone number allows you to protect your personal phone numbers. Employees need not reveal their personal phone numbers to the clients. As per the research done by TeleGeography, there is a decrease at a CAGR of 4% of switched telephone lines. Whereas VoIP subscriptions have grown 18 percent annularly since the year 2008. That is huge growth.

When a caller calls on the virtual phone number, it gets connected to the employees through extensions. But did you know that you can make international calls in a cost-efficient way through VoIP phone numbers?

Did you know that the UK market of hosted VoIP hit 3 million US dollars in 2017? Callhippo serves you the best by offering UK virtual phone number and setting up a whole virtual phone system in just 3 minutes.

No business in today’s world wants to be in a circumference of a small area. Businesses that fall into medium and large-scale categories are expanding their work in different countries. Expanding a business is a delightful experience as it ultimately increases profits and enhances brand image. Who wouldn’t want to set business offices in different countries? But the process has so many challenges.

Let us assume you have a client in the UK. You wish to pretend that your business is in the UK too. You need to simply give the UK virtual phone number to that client. Though you are not in the UK, you can communicate with the clients in real-time from your cell phone. Many businesses have a certain tendency to work with local companies as a matter of reliability. Usually, companies find it more trustworthy to deal with companies from a similar country. But what if you want to break this tendency?

What if you want to communicate in real-time with your employees from another country? The biggest challenge here is the cost of telecommunication. The international call rates in the UK can go up to 1.40 us dollars per minute. It depends on the exact location where you are calling to. Traditional telephony systems cost a lot when you make international calls. Since the calling in VoIP is done through the internet, no extra fees must be paid. 80 to 90 percent saving can be seen in international calling bills. Businesses not only deal with employees and clients overseas but also business partners. Those who outsource tasks to other countries often need to be in touch with service providers. It is necessary to check what the work is in progress. If you make all such calls from a typical telephony system, it can add a huge bill to your overall cost.

Manage your business from anywhere. As mentioned, those who have expanded their business overseas need strong management that can be taken care of from anywhere. VoIP systems are the best solution to manage your businesses. The system has a call recording option that can be used to trace and track all-important calls. You can manage the conversation between employees and clients using VoIP. By doing so, you can analyze the performance of employees no matter where they live. It is important to keep track of all essential calls and analyze performance. By doing so, companies can build sales strategies.

Callhippo offers call distribution services. It allows you to distribute your calls and route them to concerned employees. If you are into customer service, it is clear you need to receive multiple calls at a time. If your business is expanded overseas, customers or clients from different countries can call you for any information. Advanced call distribution system allows you to select an order in which you want to distribute calls. You can route the call to all members of a team at the same time. You can even fix an order to route the calls to the team members. You can do this from anywhere in the world without a geographic barrier. We offer three types of call distribution services. You can use either route your calls to all team members at a time, or you can fix a particular order to route your calls. The third option is called round-robin. With this option, you can equally distribute calls among team members.

Those who wish to expand their business but are worried about the cost of communication should use VoIP systems. It is not always feasible to communicate through emails. If you have employees from a different state and the amount of communication is large, it cannot be accessed through emails and messages. VoIP has made long-distance calling very easy without interruptions and in a cost-effective way.

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