Why Should Businesses Move to IP Telephony Systems?

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Internet protocol (IP) technology has many purposes and applications. These days, many more businesses are beginning to realize just how important it can be and its many advantages for improving communication. The main benefit of IP telephony systems is that your voice and data communication requirements can be supported from one place. Yet, there are many more reasons to consider this system for your company.

Save on Communication Costs

The main thing most businesses want from any change is knowing that it’s the most cost-effective option. An IP telephony system is much cheaper than a traditional telephone or telecom service. IP systems don’t require proprietary hardware or feature updates, while installation and maintenance can be done in-house, lowering costs. Redcentric even offers SIP Trunks that enable businesses to use a single network for data and voice calls to save thousands of pounds yearly on ISDN lines and call costs.

Greater Mobility and Flexibility

All that’s needed to use IP phones is a working internet connection, meaning they offer much greater levels of flexibility and mobility. No wires or electricity connections are required, so you can easily make and receive calls anywhere in or outside your workplace. For small companies, too, if you regularly move workplaces, there’s no need to worry about setting up new phone lines, as you can use IP telephony systems with a working internet connection.

Simple Integration

IP telephony systems can be easily integrated with legacy systems and hardware, from business applications to fax machines. Videoconferencing, CRM software integration, and VPN allow you to use your phone extension outs of the office. This reduces connection and training, which can be costly and take time. Simple installation, integration, and configuration make it easy for your employees to pick up.

Efficient Data Settings

One of the other main concerns about IP telephony systems is that they will greatly impact their data usage and bandwidth. This is perfectly understandable as the more you use the internet for communicating, the more bandwidth it will use. Yet, most IP telephony systems compress silent data to make voice-to-voice calls as efficient as possible. Especially as one study found that 35 to 50% of a phone conversation is spent in silence, that’s a lot of wasted data and bandwidth.

Make your business communications a lot more efficient and cost-effective by implementing an IP telephony system and enjoy all the benefits mentioned.

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