CPAAS – Understanding Communication Platform as A Service

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As technology becomes a more prominent part of the way companies function, cloud computing is at the forefront of the industry. Organizations crave more cloud-based models that permit advanced communication capabilities with voice, video, and messaging to applications used by businesses using application program interfaces or APIs like MMS, SMS, Video & Telephony. Communication platform as a service is the leading software in this platform.

Apart from the APIs mentioned earlier, communication services like CPaaS can embed software into business applications like sales software or features into the applications like click-on-call, notifications, and multifactor authentication.

CPaaS providers are evolving in the marketplace to provide businesses and their applications on open platforms that blend traditional telecommunications with new types of open-sourced enterprise applications. This helps create and deliver real-time communications and helps them scale at a sustainable rate by improving customer acquisition costs and developing a new form of marketing.

Using CPaaS through providers is going to be an essential marketing tool for most businesses. Still, CPaaS can be a huge domain, and streamline the process to suit a particular company is vital. Here are ten tips on how you can leverage CPaaS marketing to suit your business:

  1. Use SMS-based marketing: Any scalable business needs to acquire customers at a lower cost; customer platform as a service can be maximized with SMS-marketing principles to reach a broader and more diverse audience.
  2. Internet-Based Messaging Services for Marketing: One of the most popular methods of using CPaaS is using their database to send out messages on platforms like WhatsApp, which maximizes your CPaaS provider’s reach broad audience on a global scale.
  3. UseCPaaSfor last-ditch marketing of events: When businesses look to market an upcoming event at short notice, a CPaaS provider will send bursts of marketing messages and videos across several platforms like emails, text messages, and direct messages to various applications to reach an audience at a broad scale for short notice marketing solutions.
  4. Choose pre-packaged bundles from CPaaS: Most CPaaS providers offer pre-packaged bundles for high-value APIs to create a robust and comprehensive visual designed tool to help organize numerous revenue-generating applications in short time spans.
  5. Send image bursts through PaaS: Service providers of CPaaS send bursts of pictorial messages on applications like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This lowers customer acquisition costs and allows your business to reach a much wider audience.
  6. Use CPaaSto streamline your business model: Industry studies have shown that a 10% uncorrected error in orders could lead to a 50% loss of those orders. With CPaaS, this error can be easily avoided as the messaging can be edited to the last letter with no room for error.
  7. UseCPaaS sets alerts and notifications for customers: You can use CPaaS to set reminders on your business applications for orders, purchases, change of prices, and more. This can also be used to set password update reminders and reminders of events on a customer’s calendar, which can alert them for upcoming appointments or events held by your business.
  8. CPaaS for targeted markets: CPaaS has capabilities to streamline a campaign for a set market; using your CPaaS provider, you can cut costs on major marketing campaigns by finding the right audience for your business and catering to them exclusively while cutting out inefficient bulk marketing costs towards unresponsive consumers.
  9. CPaaS solutions for automated appointments: CPaaS can be used in an automated manner to create and manage your appointments by having a computerized calling service with pre-set questions like “would you like to make an appointment?” “What time would you like to make an appointment?” This service can then be integrated into your calendar to sync and update your appointments as they are made.
  10. Link your PaaS provider to other service apps to integrate services: The latest version of CPaaS allows you to link and embed your business application to other service applications like IFTTT (If This Then That) and Zapier, this allows your business to create a mash-up across digital platforms.


Using SaaS (software as a service) on various platforms and at different times can extend the range of your business’s scale; try to remember, though, language, tone, and visual dynamics all play a pivotal role in engaging the audience of each text.

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