From Employee to Employer: How to Open Your Own Business

From Employee to Employer: How to Open Your Own Business

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Using your experience, skills, and insider knowledge of an industry is a recipe for success when starting a new business. This is particularly true if you have already had a managerial role in your previous company and know first-hand what it takes to run a successful business. This does not guarantee anything, but if you follow this guide and use your experience and knowledge, you have a great shot at making it:

Use Your Experience to Find a Niche

Your experience will put you ahead of the game, but to really make a splash, you will want to fill a missing gap in the market. This gap, filled with your experience, will give you an edge and an opportunity to hit it off straight away.

The 3 Basic Ways to Get Into Your Own Business

Form a Solid Business Plan

There is a lot that goes into a sound business plan. You will need to do your due diligence here, no matter how well you know the business you are going into or the industry. Research competitors, the market, your demographic, the tools available, and event marketing opportunities. In-depth research will create a sound business plan you can use to acquire funding and direct your efforts towards a successful launch.

Work With Others You Know

Businesses are not done in bubbles, and they do not operate in bubbles. Hit up old contacts and see what they can do to help your business out. If you offer a service, you might be able to set up clients before you even launch, or if they have specialist skills, you can hire them to launch your business the right way.

Source Funding

Unless you have a significant chunk of savings you can use and not put your family at risk, you will want to source funding from elsewhere. This doesn’t mean you cannot put any of your funds forward. By all means, use your money to reduce the loan value, but don’t bankrupt yourself or take away the safety net for you and your family.

Instead, look into one of three options:

  1. Small Business Loans
  2. Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors
  3. Grants

Grants, venture capitalists, and angel investors are not for every business. You need to fill a gap in the market or exist in a niche that appeals to them. If your business doesn’t sound like it would suit either of the aforementioned options, don’t worry because most don’t. That is why you will want to look at a small business loan. Banks don’t often provide these unless you have a strong credit history (as a company, not an individual), so your best bet will be to look at your options on

Prepare Your Business

All that is left now that you have your funding is to get it prepared for launch. This means setting up a search engine optimized website, creating business listings on Google and on local directories, creating social profiles if necessary, setting up your business’ infrastructure, its physical location, and so much more. Once prepared, you will finally be able to open your own business.

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