What Services Do HRO Firms Typically Offer?

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Human resource outsourcing is a business solution wherein a company hires an external company to handle HR-related duties, either to assist an already-existing in-house HR department or instead of one. This allows companies to keep up with their bigger and more resource-flush competitors without stretching their limited budget and manpower. It’s no wonder that trusted outsourcing experts recommend companies of all sizes to look into this particular business solution, as the benefit of doing so is simply too great to ignore. Here are some of the many services you can expect a typical HRO firm to offer your business.

What Services Do HRO Firms Typically Offer? 1

Human resource analytics.

HRO firms are equipped with the technologies necessary to provide human resource analytics to the companies they serve. This service gives them unique insights about a client company’s workforce, such as identifying pain points, problem employees, and key performance indicators. All these can help the client company improve their service or product and thus foster vigorous and rapid business growth. HRO firms are, therefore, essential in this regard.

Payroll administration.

A capable HRO firm should provide the most important services that an in-house human resources department or team performs. At the bare minimum, they should be able to manage the entire company’s payroll. This service is essential to profitability and health, as it must comply with many business regulations and laws and keep hardworking employees happy and satisfied. Small businesses and startups can greatly benefit from working with an HRO that provides this service. Working out the many complexities of payroll management can be taxing and time-consuming.

Learning and performance management.

Another service that HRO firms typically provide is managing their client company’s workforce’s learning requirements and performance development. This usually involves ensuring that specific employees undergo proper training and seminars to perform their work better. HROs can also help their clients determine ways to improve employee performance if they want or are deficient in key areas. Businesses that employ HRO firms that offer this service can significantly improve their workforce’s skill and competency and enjoy the resulting increase in productivity and profitability.

Recruitment services.

HRO firms can assist companies in their recruitment efforts or even handle the process completely: from headhunting and sourcing to screening, selection, background checking, and finally up to the hiring itself. This allows the client company to focus its energies and resources on more important activities that can lead to business growth. Hiring an HRO to recruit new personnel lets the client company leverage its experience, technologies, and methodology in selecting and recruiting personnel. This ensures that all new hires will not only be qualified for the job but are also guaranteed to have outstanding character and a strong work ethic.

Workforce management.

Companies today are legally required to handle their customers’ personal information with the utmost care and their employees’. HRO firms can assist companies by organizing and controlling the information they have on their employees. This ensures that the company is 100% compliant with all regulatory and legislative requirements regarding collecting, using, storing, and disclosing the data about those employed. These are some of the more important services that a human resource outsourcing firm typically provides clients. As we can see, these services can go a long way toward helping a company achieve the business growth they deserve without the accompanying high overhead costs.

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