How Your Company Can Benefit From SSL Technology

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Around 90% of North Americans surf the net. This means that for every ten people you come across, nine of them have been online, go online regularly, or spend most of their lives on the Internet.

With millions of transactions taking place every day, buying, selling, exchanging information, there’s an awful lot of scope for sensitive data, such as credit card details or private health records, to end up in the wrong hands.

Imagine you outsource your medical translations to a third party. If they don’t rely on SSL technology to keep the records private, you could end up with a potential lawsuit on your hands. Stump Blog

And that makes people worry. That makes customers hesitate before parting money with your site if you aren’t a household name. After all, how do they know they can trust you if they’ve never dealt with you before? That’s where SSL technology comes in.

SSL Technology

What is SSL Technology?

If you’ve ever examined a URL, you may have noticed that more and more sites are changing from HTTP:// to HTTPS:// – why? Because they’ve switched over to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which encrypts the information sent from and stored in their sites. Without SSL, any data sent between servers and browsers appear in plain text, making it vulnerable to interception and misuse.

Web Security

The green SSL seal of approval gives your customers the confidence to carry out transactions online with you. Depending on the nature of your business, and if you keep customers’ sensitive data on file or no, it may be a legal obligation for you, or perhaps just a moral one. But keeping your site secure reduces your liability and will encourage greater sales and transactions.

Trust and Authentication

The really great thing about SSL is that to install it, sites are required to have a strict protocol in place, and an SSL certificate will only be issued after a company has been thoroughly vetted and verified and passed several identity checks.

SSL gives customers an instant sign that they can trust your site; all that they need to do is take a simple look at the tell-tale green bar on the left of navigation to instantly know that your company is trustworthy, authentic, and secure. Check out the example of Day Translations, an online translation services provider with SSL installed here.


Search Engine Optimization

As you’ll know by now, if you’ve dipped your toe into the waters of SEO, Google has a dizzying number of ranking factors that can influence your SERP (Search Engine Results Position). If you’re already working on bounce rate, on-page optimization, and link building, then think about adding an SSL certificate to your list. Why?

SSL Boosts Search Rankings

Because sites that implement SSL technology effectively make the Internet a safer place, Google rewards them and recognizes their efforts by boosting their ranking. It may be just one of over 200 of Google’s infamous requirements, but if you’re on the fence about getting SSL installed, it’s another incentive to boost your visibility.

Getting your company SSL certified is an integral part of your overall online strategy. If your company is just starting up, or you have a small blog or information site that doesn’t handle private data, then getting SSL probably isn’t necessary for you. But if you want to boost your SERP and make sure that your customers know their sensitive data is safe with you, then you should be looking into moving to HTTPS:// today.

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