Advanced Technologies for Effective Learning

Advanced Technologies for Effective Learning

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In the upcoming future generations, the learning pace of students will eventually increase as the latest trends in technologies are making the conceptual learning easier. The NCERT books that students try to study from are just not enough in a class of forty where each individual student has their own learning style. Below mentioned are some of the major promising technologies that have a universe of possibilities in them. So let’s have a look at it:

  • Virtual Reality Technologies – The classroom has now accepted tablets and portable devices such as laptops into its arsenal of edification tools. The technological advancements have the 21st-century classrooms progressing at an unimaginable pace. Brand new technology has been applied such as concepts of virtual reality and gamifying the education to create a different tutoring experience for its students. Google Expeditions is one such service that is providing students with the digital experience of witnessing their education in a way that was impossible before. A smart-phone can get converted into a virtual reality device with the easy application of Google Cardboard or a Mattel View.
  • Gamification of the Concepts – In a manner similar to the above, game developers or educators are putting on their creative caps to develop games that teach either through their gameplay or are completely educational in nature. The graphics are getting more compelling each day which is due to the storyline that’s generally attached to these games; the experience becomes tenfold more engaging and interesting.
  • Cloud Learning Concept – When a group of computers work together when connected through a network, usually the internet, it’s termed as a cloud. The model of cloud computing helps in distributing the load of work to multiple systems where a large number of assets can work on it. This concept, when applied to education, gives us a format of edification in which access to the content is universal which is being done by accredited universities by providing online classes to students living thousands of miles away.

These are some of the major advanced technology terms that are going to define the future of the educational technology sector. The CBSE board is trying to integrate some of these modern techniques but is still far away from getting a complete understanding of the modern edu-tech scenario.

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